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Monday, 05 November 2012


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These kind of articles and, if I may add, his yearly reports (for instance : http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2012/01/lens-repair-data-2011 ) are truly wonderful & unique sources of information.

We can't promote LR site enough. In fact, if we promoted it enough, perhaps Lens manufacturers would notice.


Yeah, I've found multiple really valuable articles on their site. They get to see things from a different perspective, handling many multiple instances of a lot of the gear. And it's a VERY important perspective.

Plus, in addition to all the numbers, Roger Cicala is one of the more informative and humorous writers writing on photography. I was quite distressed when I discovered how quickly I was burning through his archive :)

Just remember to smile a lot when using it. I have had a D800E since June. It is at the same time the most amazing and challenging camera that I have owned. Just yesterday I found the metering switch half way between spot and matrix???

I look forward to your comments and experiences.

I'm glad to have competent reviews of equipment and I'm very glad to have what Roger does at Lens Rentals. I'd call his work "Research".

I hope your test run with the D800E goes well.

So you mean that you didn't try a loan from Nikon itself, provided it will most probably mean big promotion for the D800E? Or do you avoid loans from manufacturers by principle?

I've rented and bought from Lensrentals (one of the few suppliers of Olympus equipment) and they do indeed ROCK! Great group to work with if you want to try out new brands or simply see what the world looks like through a different lens. Highly recommend.

"For the purists who are going to point out the real name is the Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 XOIS, I think we’ve reached the point where we can assume any product remotely connected with photography has an X in its name somewhere. Maybe if we all quit mentioning that letter, they’ll stop using it. Twenty years from now, young photographers will make fun of us old-timers by saying things like “you’re still shooting with X equipment, aren’t you?” A century from now they’ll describe the timeline of photography as the wet plate era, the film era, the digital era, and the X era."

Oh god, that's priceless, PRICELESS!

Dear Mike, just by coincidence we had a return D800e (from a customer who saw variance in focus after setting the micro adjustment on his 85 1.4 - I digress), and I happened to pop on the 35 1.4. I was simply blown away with some of the random snaps I took at full aperture of my colleagues and a Scotch Terrier outside (more photogenic) and nearly ran out the shop with a few months worth of wages in my hands - a reaction I don't often have*.
I hope you are as delighted (just watch front/back focus possible 'issues')
Kind regards, Mark Walker

*Nearly ran off with an OMD and 75mm f1.8 the other day - and I don't ordinarily go for telephotos.

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