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Thursday, 01 November 2012


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I'm sure I speak for all your readers in wishing Michael and Paula well and a speedy return to normality, along with all who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

As a purchaser I can wait. Please tell Michael and Paula to focus first on dealing with the impact on their lives. Their communication has been great and I have no doubt I will get my book in due course. My heart goes out to all of those who are dealing with the impact of Sandy.

but they live between stream crossings—you literally have to drive through a river to get to their house

...been there - done that! The good news is Michael and Paula live on high ground and have friendly neighbors very close by ...

waited all my life for a Weston book. I can wait a while longer. Glad everyone is safe. Sorry about the trees; it can't compare to loss of life, but it is still terribly sad to see something that grew for decades and was shaped by nature be destroyed overnight,

I got clobbered by the storm myself; I can wait.
(This seems to be becoming a regular Halloween thing - five days without power last year).

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