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Friday, 26 October 2012


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I don't mind your praise, actually you do it very nicely and it's a pleasure to read. Still, I'd rather have known more about the actual contents of the book seeing that 140 USD or mailed to Europe 200 USD is a lot of money. There were others with questions in the comments about the selection of motives, their overlap with other Weston books. The best thing to do would be to have a run-thru, err make that leaf-thru, on video posted to yt or vimeo. Maybe you'll consider it for the next project.

N.B. The Weston is currently available from Amazon UK marketplace for 100 quid and cheap shipping.

Still waiting a response for an international query on Weston book . . .

[Dean, They don't think they got your email, because all but the most recent inquires have been responded to. I gave them your dzepick email address and they will be contacting you about this. --MJ]

Now if you'd just work on getting the "Daybooks" reprinted.

"Now if you'd just work on getting the 'Daybooks' reprinted."

They've actually gotten numerous requests for this but they don't think there's sufficient demand for it because of "generational change." When I was young, everyone a half generation or a generation older than me who was halfway interested in art photography had to have the Daybooks, or at least had heard of them and knew how to find them in the library. And people my age all knew about them. But now, relatively few people have heard of them and they're just not considered a "must-have" like they used to be.

Who knows though, maybe this would be an excellent TOP project. Maybe for that one we could take pre-orders and see if we got enough for Lodima to do a run. We'll keep it in mind.


I had a gorgeous vintage Dunes, Oceano on my walls for many years. I wouldn't expect a book version to evoke the same appreciation, but given your experience with prints and books, I might just have to check out the Weston book. Not that I need another one.

Re: The Daybooks. I own a copy, and to hear it referred to as a matter of generational interest is making my feel old.
Then again, I've had it for over thirty years, so I suppose I am.

I'm not saying they're exact equivalents, but see if you don't get a small dose of the presence of the real thing.

I'd be interested to know what you think, actually.


P.S. What happened to your 'Dunes'? Did it just get too valuable to keep?

I like to look at original works by these masters, Weston, Adams, Strand, etc., whenever I have the time and the opportunity presents itself. Usually the Amon Carter in Ft. Worth, sometimes the After Image Gallery here in Dallas, where Ben Breard deals in many of the greats and many one of a kind, original prints can be found hanging on the walls.

I do this because A. It is obviously an inspiration the view these works in person, and B. I am a B&W photographer and printer and I consider it an essential part of my ongoing education and development, especially as a printer, to see these originals first hand and to use them as benchmarks and standards to judge my own prints against. I'm sure I'll never reach those lofty heights myself, but it sure is nice to have something to shoot for!

I am really looking forward to getting this Weston book because, A. I also think he's one of the greatest of the greats and I love his work, and B. With the quality of the reproductions in its pages as high as every one says they are, I'll now have my own set of "reference primts" sitting right on my bookshelf!

You're very lucky. I don't have any place close by to see work like that any more.

You're right, it's essential for a fine printer.


The reproductions in this book are the gold standard by which photography books ought to be judged. I love Weston's work, so it was a no-brainer for me to buy it, but even if you do not adore EW, the book is most worthwhile for a printer who strives to do the very best work, or someone thinking of doing a book, who wants it to be the very best it can be. I have fond hopes that we as creative people and as a society can return to values like doing something as well as is possible. This book proves that it is possible to work in an excellent way.

I noted that they still have a bit imperfect copy in their e-shop may be also get those out fir those who just want the photo and accept an imperfect book


I want to thank you for this offer. I bought one copy. I live in Spain and I specially thank you and Michael for allowing international shipping.

Thank you very much.


Bummer. I missed out. By the time I got back to checking after not being able to log on, the sale was over. C'est la vie.

Thanks Mike for making this happen. I got in just in time. and Michael was a complete gent as well!



A great offer. A was really on the fence on this one, but decided that since Weston is not in my top-5, international shipping would make this expensive and I'm not really a book collector, it would really be more fair to let Weston afficionados get a chance to buy it. But I applaud the effort, with offers like these success should follow.

Got mine today in Hong Kong. I do not expect it is so big. Get used to Ansel Adams smallish books.

Cannot stop to look at the pictures whilst the family started dinner.

Really good. Really really good. Thanks, Mike!

P.S. I still like the pepper no. 30 the best though. As for the toilet seat ... not sure.

Just received the book and it is well worth the money. Fantastic reproduction quality! Thanks Mike for having the offer to us.

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