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Friday, 19 October 2012


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Please post all the gory details. The transmogrification of an idea into a book in this age of media vivisection intrigues me.

A link would help the keyboard-challenged to follow you, e.g. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheOnlinePhotog. Also, is there a chance of hooking your RSS feed to the Twitter account while you're at it?

What's Twitter? Is that, like, Telex? :-)

I get a kick out of Twitter. I click follow and instantly there are 3 people that suggested to follow because they are similar to you. I followed the safari guy who is similar to you since you both go on safari twice a year. ;~)

There you are - now you won't need to blog any more! I'm only kidding of course....

Having said that, the recent bit about more print media corpses reminded me that a lot of people I followed as prolific bloggers (IT stuff), have embraced Twitter and their blogging activities have subsequently declined. Of course you cannot deliver content using Twitter, but for lot's of people I imagine the activities are linked to exposure and circulation. Same way that newspaper content has been ravaged in recent years, chasing the numbers and the bottom line. I'm not being judgemental - that's just the way the world works

Twitter... is it just me?
The line has to be drawn and for me that line would be located somewhere called "Twitter".

Additionally, how about an email notification? I know email is kinda old school (grin), but there are lots of us dinosaurs still around.

Twitter? Quest que c'est Twitter?

Can't. I can announce it immediately on Twitter, and announce it on the blog for you to find when you visit, but I'm not set up to do mass emails and not willing to complicate my life to change that.

Sorry, though. I'm new to Twitter too, if that's any consolation.


"Twitter... is it just me? The line has to be drawn and for me that line would be located somewhere called 'Twitter'."

You're not obligated. I'll announce everything here on the site as usual. The issue was that some people were afraid they wouldn't get the word promptly when various offers are being announced. The Twitter feed is for them. Not necessary for everyone by any means. You're safe.


Looks like _I_ need to dust up my Twitter account that I've used only once.

Just a clarification Mike. Obviously it's a significant marketing tool and you'd be a fool not to utilise it: and clearly you aren't!
My point was simply that I find Twitter, and, it must be said, much of the current obsession with "social media", rather depressing. It seems to be accelerating the trend toward ever-decreasing attention spans and ever-increasing sub-literacy...
Old age I guess.

But I'm not using it as social media. You won't get bon mots or pithy observations, or what I think about teh latest gossip or what I had for lunch. I'll use it to communicate promptly with people who would like to be notified when offers are posted. It's essentially business communication, in this case.


Twitter is the Holga of social networking.

It can't capture a situation fully with sharpness and clarity*, but people still keep trying.

(@Edie_Howe, and yes, I'll keep trying.)
*Usually... https://twitter.com/Edie_Howe/status/259911031491538944

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