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Friday, 26 October 2012


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Hmm, the amazon page for the olympus XZ-1 is a bit curious; it tells me that people frequently buy together a black XZ-1, a leather case, and a white XZ-1 ?!? Why would people frequently buy two XZ-1's together, and with only one case rather than two?

I don't get it, and it makes me wonder what Amazon's "Frequently Bought Together" is based on...

Meanwhile in the UK the Olympus is reduced from £399 (£642) to a mere £225 ($361).

Oh well, mustn't grumble. AS we say over here. You can see why.

David, I contemplated buying a GH2 in NZ but wasn't prepared to pay double. The importer sympathised but said the wholesale price he was getting from Japan was higher then he could get it on ebay.

The rest of the world subsidises the american consumer.


Americans have more buying power. We import in high volumes and do not have high import duties on most things in the market.

I have been wanting to get the XZ-1 for some time now and at this price i can actually convince the wife. With a Japanese Ski hoiday coming up ti would be the perfect compliment to my E620 which, while being the smallest true SLR is still sometimes too big. The XZ-1 will control my FL-36 flash for use indoors and the 1.8 lens will still give decently short depth of field for portraits etc.......... it's a pity then that they will not send it to Australia. The best price i can get it here from a major store is just under $400!!!

Bought one - too good to pass up.


I was setting up my new G3 this morning and discovered the Pin Point Focus feature. I had never heard of it.
It places a tiny cross-hair at the center of your screen like a sniper rifle.
When you obtain focus, the center of image opens up with tremendous magification and confirms you aim. At 50mm I can focus on a person's left eye at 25 feet!

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