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Monday, 22 October 2012


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As luck will have it, I shall be in darkest central europe during this period but shall try to find an internet cafe to explore your offerings. I have to say I am very much looking forward to see the results of your efforts.

Ah shucks. Just when I'm out of the country. I see myself scrambling for free wifi somewhere on the 25th. You could probably just give me a dollar figure and I would order on the basis of that alone, such is my trust in your taste and my confidence I will end up ordering if the price is right! Not sure if this has been covered already, but will there be international shipping options?

PS - Get tweeting, man. I think you'll find it a most effective channel for supporting and boosting the blog if you are willing to invest just 30 seconds of time whenever you post on TOP (and add 30 seconds every time something photo-related crosses your mind that isn't worthy of a post and I think you could muster a substantial following).

That makes it 11pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time on Thursday in Sydney - if my time zone calculations are correct!

If the books are as good as their marketing they will be exceptional. Well played, Mike, well played.

Lickin' my lips, credit card in hand.

What's your twitter name?

John Krill,
Sorry. It's @TheOnlinePhotog. I've linked it twice in the past few days and didn't want to appear to be over-hyping it. But perhaps I should link it whenever I talk about it.


It would be nice to include the time in UTC in such instances. Thanks.


Sorry Mike I didn't see the Twitter address in the previous posts and I claim to READ every post.

Again it's good I'm not a lawyer.


The internet is an amazing thing. Looks like it will indeed be 11pm in Sydney. Not that I have to worry, I am just one hour off.

Will be interesting to see what is on offer.

I know this Twitter is all a bit new, but when you do tweet it, could you include a link in the tweet? Thanks!

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