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Thursday, 04 October 2012


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That is a terrible photograph that would be much better - if Boston had won.

It's reassuring to see that people with congenital body differences could nonetheless be accepted and successful in sport, even back in 1990. I don't know whether it advantaged or disadvantaged his play, but Mark Messier is clearly gripping that cup with two right hands - unless of course, it's all just a Photoshop fail (grin).

I'm curious as to what ISO setting they used, since they were not told anything about the film.

Was the fact that the NHL is announcing cancellation of games a contributing factor in this pick? ;)

Looks like it's been photoshopped -- the hockey player has all of his teeth.

oh that's terrible just look at how noisy it is they should have used Topiary NoNoyz 7 to clean it up proparly i meen, pleeez... My OM-D EBT-S54/N97\ZZX!! could make a much better print at 30 by 20 inches from a smaller part of the capture

im just glad film is dead

Please be aware the above comment may contain some level of satire. Great picture.

That's a nice picture. Of course it seems to have some noise. And it's in black and white.

"since they were not told anything about the film. "

Who said they weren't told anything about the film? I'm sure they were told a great deal about the film. I was one of the beta testers for T-Max 100 and 400, and I got all sort of technical information about it, including EI's and development times in various developers. It wasn't in final form or printed up nicely, of course.


I have a great affection for that film. Wonderfully useful stuff and kind of amazing looking if you take it for what it is. A friend of mine and I made some 40 inch prints from P3200 35mm negatives--you get some pretty serious grain with that much enlargement, and it is quite beautiful.

I used this wonderful film for a lot of my sports assignments, especially hockey in dimly lit arenas. For myself it had the the same wow factor that I now have when looking at digital images shot at 3200 iso and higher, but the digital images are of much better quality. The T-Max P3200 seemed pretty good at the time, it was cutting edge film technology.

I wonder if anyone knows why this shot can be connected with the Ian Tyson song Irving Berlin is 100 Years Old Today.

Sage pro advice too. I would get the sequence wrong by downing the pints of beer before photographing:)

Now that's a real trophy. When is the damn lockout gonna end...

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