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Friday, 12 October 2012


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Who thought that Cyclops could be so handsome?

I can now buy limited edition sandwiches around here. The markup is still less than $200.

It's heavily discounted on Amazon UK too. £110 more than the silver version. By the time you've added a case, lens hood and filter to the silver version they are essentially the same price.

In the UK Fuji are offering a free 18mm or 35mm lens if you buy an X-Pro 1 + 1 lens this month. Quite a temptation!

The discerning photographer will always be seeking the next object of desire, that will properly express his joie-de-vivre and his savoir-faire.

How better than to obtain the unobtainable - the irreplaceable charisma and appeal of a well-thumbed tool, yet one that brings you impeccable digital convenience without compromise (much).

Apply today for the limited edition, hand pre-patinated, Veteran Classic Special Edition!

Please note: scientific abrasion, impact and scratch treatments have been developed that inflict real and authentic damage, unique to each example, while retaining the full reliability of all functions (usually).

+10 to Richard!!!

Bought an X100 from a reputable dealer. Had to send it in for warranty work. Fuji repair called me and said that it looked as if the camera had been submerged in salt water. I live in Kansas! And it's DRY here! (well not today). I can't get any help from Fuji America or Japan either other than they will happily sell me a new one slightly discounted.
Watch out for the Fuji!

Perfect! Now i can shoot digital while still having people around me asking "WOW! Is that the new Leica?" at a substantial lower price!


Just joking, I like shooting film with a rangefinder and think that the Fuji is a little neat camera ;)

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