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Wednesday, 03 October 2012


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I may have misspoken above...I can't remember whether Photoline was the only product that supported Photoshop plug-ins on 16-bit images with full color management, or whether it was the only product that supported the above AND layers...

In any case, it's amazing.

downloaded, installed. will try it.

I find gimp which is a free open source software to be excellent there is a learning
curve just like any other photo editor but this is totally free and very powerful.

As long as this topic is open, does anyone know of a rudimentary photo editing program that can edit very large images? By large I mean in the 33,000 x 33,000 to 40,000 x 80,000 pixel range, or greater than 4 gigabyte file sizes
Photoshop ranges from "just barely works" to "won't even open the file" in that range.

Command line only would even be useful just to cut up big images into smaller pieces.

FYI: The download link donated malware to my computer that my protection software quickly isolated.

If we are talking about cheap and good photo editing programs, I have to go aside with adamct: I would highly recommend photoline. I use it in conjuction with Fixfoto (not layer functionality, but a highly customizeable user interface that can be adapted to ones workflow). What I especially like about Photoline is its "document" capability - I do all my printing from photoline (as it is the only "cheap" image editing software that fully supports printer profiles and allows for layout vector graphics).

I do not have any experience with Zoner Studio, though.

Best regards,

Posting a SanDisk card and then featuring a comment that includes the statement "If my memory serves me well...".

Coincidence or another instance of Mike's amusing himself?

For what it's worth, after the recommendations above I tried photoline and it can open tiff and photoshop psd files that are larger than what photoshop can open.
On the other hand, it seemed like the program was letting the operating system do the memory management with a lot of swapping to disk.
Better than photoshop in some arcane ways , and seems generally competent.

If the canon printer export plugin works I might buy it.

Still not the gigapixel image editor I'm looking for though.

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