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Thursday, 25 October 2012


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There doesn't appear to be a link to the ordering page?

[Sorry...I had the URL screwed up. It's posted now--you might need to refresh your page. My fault! --MJ]

Done. Thanks for the great (as usual) offer Mike and Lodima.

Thanks Mike and Lodima for making this offer. Really looking forward to this book. I'm hoping there are some images of the southern plantations he shot in 1941 for the Leaves of Grass project.

I won't be buying the book but the cover image of Charis Wilson reminds me of a documentary video of her relationship with Weston. It was full of insights into both personalities. The affect they had on one another was profound.

I must have watched the video a dozen times while I had it saved on my DVR. Highly recommended.

Thanks, Mike! I'm looking forward to having ready access to top-quality (or is it TOP-quality?) reproductions of Weston's work. I'm especially looking forward to comparing the Lodima reproductions with the ones in my copy of the 1979 Aperture slipcased edition of "Edward Weston, His Life and Photographs". I'm guessing it'll be a blow-out in favor of Lodima....

Thanks! My order is in. I await this wonderful book with great anticipation.

Done. Ordered. Thanks!

This looks to be a great deal on a great book. I had the privilege of seeing a large exhibition of original Weston prints in Edinburgh two years ago. For reasons of preservation, the lighting was so dim that it was difficult to appreciate the images fully. I expect that with the outstanding reproduction quality in this book, it will be possible to see the images as they should be seen.

My order has been placed. Thanks for making it possible, Mike.

Done! Thanks to the Michaels! I assume when sold out the order link will show that? If my order was taken I'm in?

Done and done! Thanks for putting this opportunity together.

Try my best to get it but as it is not just add $50 for shipping charge to a paypal account and you are in. I guess it is less likely for me to get one. Not fair my heart said, paid more but less chance ... Still send an mail to try my luck for an international order.

Good book!

I don't know exactly how the orders are being handled, but I'm sure they'll do their best to be fair. I'll post an update as soon as the dust clears; I gather this morning has been quite hectic for them.


I wouldn't have posted the offer if they didn't have a reasonable number of copies available...it's no good simply to frustrate people. I would imagine the supply will hold out for a while, and anyone who orders this morning (and maybe even the first day) will get a book. Of course the sales could slow down and there'd be enough for everybody. It's just very hard to predict the pace of sales like this. It's been fast and furious so far, I gather.


"...over-the-top printing quality..."

Like over the TOP?
Oh well, I guess this is what credit cards are for!
Thanks Mike and MAS!

This is a wonderful opportunity for Weston fans. We have this book in the library (at the AIC) and it really is an exceptionally well produced work.

Hi Mike,
Case wanted, that as you were putting out this book offer, I was with my wife at an emergency, because she broke her leg today. Actually, she has had it broken by an absent minded 22 year old young lady, who forgot to look after her skateboard, because SOMEBODY CALLED HER ON THE PHONE. Since Monte Carlo is all up and down hill, the skateboard rolled down at supersonic speed and hit my wife's leg, as she was turning a corner of a street. The moral is, I have only come home now, but even if there is still any copy left, I am not going to be able to order it, BECAUSE I CANNOT USE PAYPAL.
For whatever reason, Paypal does not cover Monaco, therefore I'd like you to think about me as a customer too, and provide an alternative means of payment for your books. A good old credit card would be fine, otherwise you can send me the books for free, and when you will become an affluent editor, and decide to take a trip down here, I will give you the accumulated cash for playing at the Casino...
Best regards


Got my order in! Thanks Mike, Michael and Paula for this outstanding offer. It is uncommon for me to spend this much - albeit the excellent price in this case - on any book. Weston is in indeed a "staple" though, and I didn't have to think twice about this quality collection. I placed my order the moment I saw this!

Order #1000.

Ordered. I cheated and used a mail-forwarding service in Florida so that I didn't have to go through the international order process. I fear the cost of shipping to Costa Rica though. I think there goes my $85 discount...

Weston was for many in my generation, the fellow who captured our attention to the potential of photography as art. The Daybooks of Edward Weston also captured our imaginations. Though it is not the type of photography I ended up doing for the most part-Weston surely led me down the path. I have many books of his photos, and I'm anxiously awaiting this Christmas present to myself.

Where does one find those cotton gloves for handling a book like this?

Weston? I love his work! Thanks so much for the opportunity to own this book.

Anybody interested in sharing shipping costs to Paris, France?

Here you go.


VERY sorry about your wife! How unpleasant.

I'm sure Michael will work with you about ordering. They're very accommodating.


This should go nicely with my first edition copy of 'California and the West' that my Dad bought just before getting married. Probably the last photo book he ever bought.

He also sold his Rolleiflex. He really regretted that.

Don't have the Weston book, but have quite a few other from Lodima Press and can attest to the high quality of their products. Ordered. And Lodima backwards is....

First time in a long time I've felt the need for redemption!


I am tempted but I bought the one titled Edward Weston: One Hundred Twenty-five Photographs published by Ammo in Dec 2011. Does anyone have any idea approximately how many of the images are the same in both additions and comment on a comparison of the differences in reproduction characteristics?

600 line screen. OMG! Didn't know that could even be done.

Should add that, although I'm not a Weston fan, I'm thinking about buying this just to ogle at the repro quality.

Got one! Very excited! Thanks!


Ordered, but am I wrong that ordering page does not seem to be secured for credit card info? And why no option of paying by PayPal on checkout page?

Thanks Mike, great work, appreciate the efforts you go to for your readers.

There is a wonderfully quaint 1948 film on Weston on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4aE2f07ON4.

The shipping to Europe unfortunately is 58 USD.

The reproductions are absolutely superb, but the choice of images is a little thin. If you don't already have a shelf full of EW, there are other books with much better selection of images, and reproductions nearly as good.
IMO, the best place to start is the out-of-print (and much maligned) "Edward Weston, Fifty Years" by Ben Maddow. Used on ebay for usually about $70.

I really want this book. I'm on the screen at the end about to type in my credit card information. This is the most expensive book I've bought. There's a big problem, though.

The credit card submission page is not encrypted.

This is a big, bad thing. This means that if you're ordering at a coffee shop on an open network, someone could steal your info. This means that anyone between my computer and their site could get my information. This is the equivalent of going into a store and just shouting out your credit card number rather than handing it to a clerk.

I actually have not seen a site accept credit card information without a secure connection in years. Hopefully they know more about making books than they do about websites. I'm actually wondering if their site was hacked.

Bought it when it first came out. Stunning reproduction.

It's 11:15 pm central time and it looks like TOP followers have crashed the publisher's servers.

Bought this when Michael and Paula first came out with it. Worth every penny. Excellent printing and well laid out. Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee are two of the finest photographers and people around.

I do hate being broke, sometimes. And yet, much as I love Weston's work and have no doubt this would be an exquisite text, if I had $140 that I could actually spare? I wouldn't buy this book. I'd buy film. $140 of ISO100 Arista.EDU Ultra 120 roll film to feed the Rolleicord.

Then, only after I hit click on that order, I'd get the info together for a Interlibrary Loan request (as I'm sure there is a library somewhere that owns it) so that I could at least see the book once.

@Mike They have kindly replied and I sent my order via paypal just now. Thanks.

I hope I am in and I am really looking forward to the book.

(BTW, Sorry, my IT guy part have to say this: the unsecured order page mentioned here is really bad. Can you advice them to change that part as it is potentially dangerous to their customer. It is Internet after all. But as I cannot get to that page anyway, I used Paypal instead. Hence, it is fine for this customer.)

@Chris Norris, I was hesitant too when I saw the unencrypted website. Then saw Mike's note saying they were overwhelmed with emails, and I thought I would rather take the risk with the website than wait for a reply and lose the chance to order. I have come across the same issue with the website for "Really Right Stuff" just last week. When I called them they first asked me to just add "s" to http, then later told me never mind, but the credit card info would still be encrypted. I ordered over the phone.

Our shopping cart is up and running again.

It's back up, thanks for making this available!

Hi Mike,

The website is up and I was able to purchase a copy this morning.

Michael Sheppler

Bingo/. Just picked one up.

I was hoping to order this book for a friend of mine in Asia. Can I have the weight of the book? (I need to lug it onto the plane:) Also, if I order this week, would it reach me in Ohio by the 12th of November?

[Brian, I gave Paula your email address and she will contact you about this. --MJ]

Argh. I leave town for a few days and THIS happens?! And then ENDS.... Argh.

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