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Thursday, 11 October 2012


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I'd be interested knowing which company you've chosen for the print sale campaign. My own site is problematic for sales and I'd just as soon let someone else cope. LUK, thanks.

Is the server in your living room?

Grab a copy of Neil Young's autobiography Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream to keep you entertained during the evenings. IIt is a most unusual book but very entertaining.

Good common sense!

Do what you do best. Hire folks to do what you won't/can't or even would rather not do.

Makes your best even better and gets the other job done by somebody who knows how, which, or course, makes you even better.

Mike said "The last sale had me right at the ragged edge of my comfort zone with organization"

Wait, the last print sale produced 7 orders? (to further quote Mike, I'm kidding! I'm kidding!


Mike, may I suggest outsourcing it to professional movers? Figure about $600 and the pleasure in knowing that you won't injure your back and more importantly, it gets done in a few hours while you watch.

I have a roto tiller you can borrow to remove that carpet!

Mind you'd prbably need to replace the floor
underneath as well...

Mike, when you have time for a break check out the online reading of Moby Dick, you mentioned you gave up reading it. There is one chapter a day being read and the first chapter read by Tilda Swindon will get you hooked, and if that is not enough "bait" listen to The chapter called The Sermon.

Check - http://www.mobydickbigread.com/

The language is absolutely wonderful.

PS: thanks for a wonderful blog.

All of us that want to keep TOP on-line should donate using the "Donate" link on the right-hand side. Maybe Mike could be persuaded to hire some movers and save his back in the process. I just put some money in the tip-jar.

Mike, If you stop posting, I will stop reading and we both can get some stuff done. I have been in the process of painting our bedroom for a long while now. So your hiatus will help restore some order in my house as well! Thanks

It's no wonder the Augean stables aren't seeing any progress, given the current state of the rivers around here.

@Tony Roberts

I see you're using the Photocrati Wordpress theme for your site. I've been there, and while it's an easy option to get up and running with, you are maybe better looking at using an ecommerce plugin with a Wordpress theme of your choice rather than trying an all-in-one solution. If you are happy sticking with Wordpress as a platform. In my opinion it probably offers the best option for getting up and running with something out of the box - and free if you have time and a modicum of IT know-how.

I'm happy to discuss my own experiences offline if you want.


Well, good point, Timprov...maybe I should think through my classical metaphors a little more carefully. [s]


Whatever happened to the reader print thingy?

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