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Thursday, 18 October 2012


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I guess I had better start saving...

I thought "limited-edition" was a dirty word around here :D


Yes, what about us antipodeans, indeed?

Ha! Now if you had separate databases of readers for the Antipodes then you could post it to that selected database early AM our time and we'd actually get the offer the same day that the US did and Europe did.
That'd be fair (ignoring the fact that we're a day ahead of you lot anyway). The only compensation is that if the world ends we'll know about it before everyone else!

If you post it first thing in the morning, we shouldn't be in bed yet down here.

"But then what about the Aussies and Kiwis?"

Aussies and Kiwis don't buy books, do they? Just kidding.

I would really love a post or two at some point about the economics and process behind this.

This is not going to help me overcome my photography book addiction.

Mike, what about distribution? Postage cost is a significant factor for us antipodeans - that's why in most cases, Bookdepository purchases are much cheaper as their prices include postage.

That's right! Aussies are at GMT +8 to +10 hours.

I have noticed the 'sold out while you slept' phenomenon before. But we're too tough to whine. ;)

What about the folks on the West Coast? We don't wake up until 3 hours after an early morning (Eastern) post.

I've missed out on all the cheap UK books that are long gone by the time I check TOP first thing in the morning (on my RSS newsreader).

Is there an ideal location for Mike other than Wisconsin?

Can't win Mike, you post in the morning and us Yanks are at work :~|

"Is there an ideal location for Mike other than Wisconsin?"

Tahiti? Bali? Hawaii?


Hongkonger do buy books and hence whilst the issue of the Aussie/Kiwis might be solved, same time zone issue. I guess if it is a manga, have to count in the Japanese as well. Same time zone.

What a can of worm.

Should be like the finance market, split into at least 3 groups New York, London, Japan/Hong Kong ... Sun does not set in the Mikey world then and that is better.

BTW, technically you cannot identified Top-er (and subscriber to be tax free should not have privileged based on past discussion from you and your taxman). Hence, what even sure how to get special deal for Top-er.

Another can of worm...

"Dear fellow readers of the world"

I must apologize for bringing that issue up without thinking farther than my euro nose. The issue is very true for many other countries. It came out because I, too, have had the SOLD OUT effect.

Maybe another idea : setting a preorder period of a few days and producing at least as many books as preorders, but then it's not a limited edition anymore?

I'm afraid fairness is a mirage and that it's just too much of a burden for mr. Johnston.

Thanks for trying to address the issue Mike.


In the interest of global equity: how about ditching the first-come, first-served process?

Open a subscription list (for 48 hours?), then select at random the lucky purchasers. These individuals have a set time (72 hours?) to complete their purchases.

Repeat the draw for any copies not yet sold.

Too much work? Alternatively, release in tranches - 1/3 of the total number available - every 8 hours.

I know: offer the books at exhorbitant prices to locals for the first 24 hours. Those keen not to miss out will pay through their noses. It will temper demand in the US, make you megabucks and keep stock in reserve for the time zone challenged.

Mike, you should offer a ToP:Premium service that includes text messages delivered globally 5 minutes before any post goes live that mentions limited availability items for sale ;)

Hines? Sudek?

I wouldn't worry about this particular offer selling out quickly. I doubt they'll sell out while anyone's sleeping.


Can you/ could you set up an email list for us to be notified from?

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