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Thursday, 20 September 2012


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Mike, maybe the former marketing manager at Contax has some connections at Zeiss who would be willing to "lend" you an RX1, just to evaluate the lens on a longterm basis. Of course, that might compromise your journalistic integrity, which is something that draws many readers to TOP. However, I have no such constraints and would be happy to "borrow" the camera in your stead.

If it makes you feel any better, you weren't the only one asking for that lens.

Ironically, Zeiss released a 2.0/35 for ZE and ZF mounts, but it's the same size as the old 1.4/35 in Contax mount.

I've asked Zeiss for a 2.0/75 that focuses closer than 1m. They told me that it would make a great product, but that the market was more interested in fast lenses.

Their new "medium-format quality" lenses look larger and heavier than medium format lenses.

I spoke to some Pentax people over the years, also asking for some lenses, and was also told that they "passed it along to HQ."

I'm still waiting for a DA 28mm f/2 Ltd. It's a normal, affordable, fastish lens on APS-C, a lens one would expect to be the first to appear in a company's line-up (Samsung's first NX prime was a 30mm f/2, for example), and yet here I am, empty handed, 9 years after Pentax released their first digital camera.

Mike, for my next camera (which will be mirrorless) I will follow your advice and choose one that has the lenses I want now.

They made "your" 35/2.0 alright, but decided to give it to the G-series. It's a Planar, not as scary sharp as the 45/2.0 wide open but very good when closed a stop. And my it's a tiny thing, unlikely to intimidate anybody the camera is aimed towards.

Yes, another abandoned Contax owner here, lamenting what might have been.



Mmmmmm ... good news story... just what I needed on a crappy Friday here...

But cutting to the case, what's the estimated delivery date for your brand new RX1, Mike? ;)

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