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Sunday, 30 September 2012


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Ok - I'll ask the obvious question - who is Andy Rooney?

oh you know, If Lewis were available to me I'd marry him and keep him in a box most of the time but then let him out when the world was getting to the best of me..I love him..My female version is sorta Sarah Silverman..both of them are genius.

I was stalking Sarah Silverman on Youtube the other night and came across a stand up bit from when she was, I believe, still in high school...she knew exactly what she was and understood the meaning of taking the risk. She covers a lot of ground and just slays me.

As with so many syndicated commentaries, the videos are not available in Canada. Mind we have our own farcical comedians attempting normally staid Canadians to laugh atthemselves.

I hope you didn't miss Lewis' endorsement of Donald Trump for President.

I think you have much more influence on the NFL than you realize...

"Mike, I think you have much more influence on the NFL than you realize..."

I considered writing a spoof post as if I were the only influence on the NFL's decision, but I decided it was a little too much of a minefield....


this kind of guy is part of America I love...

So my new game is to spot Mike's puns or connections in the book ads...

I will go out on a limb as a Canadian who doesn't follow any sports... Army-Navy on the book cover echoes the famous annual American football match... And Mike was talking football again?

I smugly await confirmation of my puzzle-solving acuity :))

Linked to the book displayed but bought Saul Leiter instead...love his work. Hope that counts for you. Cheers, Ann


the videos work in Portugal and we have the pleasure of being able to see the DailyShow on the main 24 hours Portuguese News channel
(SIC Noticias: http://sicnoticias.sapo.pt/)

In comparison, it awas like the DailyNews were on CNN in America!!!!

Regards Mike, and keep the wonderfull blog of yours!!!!

Not to single you out, Mike--it seems that the vast majority of writers and fans are happy, and rightly so, that the NFL owners and officials reached a compromise--but where's the outrage? In the end, the only concessions the owners gave up was to defer the refs' pain for a few years, and to give them a slightly larger raise in exchange for reneging on their pension plans. In short, a significant net downgrade for refs' compensation, on top of more responsibilities and less job security. This in the middle of record profits.

We Pats fans are suffering too. Highly ranked team loses games 2 & 3 by a total of 3 points with some very controversial calls. I also wait for the chance to curse "real" refs.

"Linked to the book displayed but bought Saul Leiter instead...love his work. Hope that counts for you. Cheers, Ann"

'Deed it do. Hope you enjoy your Leiter!



Oh, the angst of being an old fogey...

Mr. Black would be ever so much funnier if he could find an adjective that has more than four letters.

George Carlin and Lenny Bruce "been there and done that" and the shock value is gone. After a few minutes it simply becomes wearisome. Mr. Black is funny, no doubt, but I can no longer sit through his performances.

I know, it's just me...but I'm just sayin'...

Regards from Fogeyville.


Bryce: Yeah, well, now you know why PMSH* keeps the CRTC** in charge of the likes of Lewis Black. And Rick Mercer.

[*Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Canada) **Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission —Ed.]

Lewis was featured in last weekend's Washington Post magazine... he graduated from the same Silver Spring HS as my two sons which gives us our local interest.

Ooops, meant to include the link...

Blimey, is that supposed to be funny? Maybe it's a transatlantic thing. For example, do americans like the humour of Eddie Izzard's stand up shows?



How does you featured book compare to:

1. The book of the same name, with only Claudia Gochman listed as contributing, published a few months before this book, and

2. Herzog's Vancouver Photographs?

Best regards,

I'm sorry, all of my books are put away right now.


Oops! Too bad I found this too late: http://bit.ly/Qf5akJ

I find it unfortunate that NFL refs are the one thing that can crystallize our anger where we all scream in frustration. Real issues don't. A group of spoiled millionaires running around playing a game that will have no impact on tomorrow, unifies us. Despite all the real issues, tragedies and problems Come on, admit it. It's kinda sad.

Stephen Colbert would get my vote IF AND ONLY IF Lewis Black was guaranteed the position of White House Press Secretary.


Great guy, I love Lewis Black's work and it reminds me that my lack of TV in my home is not always the best thing. But since I have been Jon Stewart's "Moment of Zen" twice I do feel a tug from that medium.

Despite your disclaimer, I, like a man seeing candy corn as if for for the first time, sitting here in Canada, clicked through to the video. Only Mr. Black could properly describe my internal reaction when the thing wouldn't play for me ;)

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