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Saturday, 01 September 2012


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Thanks for the heads-up, got mine

Bought, plus a copy of Blind Dogs, Fallen Men by Aram Tanis. For £4 each, it would be stupid not to. You're right about the price of cigarettes - a pack of 20 here costs about £7. £4 wouldn't even buy you a pint of beer in some fancy bars...

Less than 99 now, I predict a very quick sell out!


Thank heavens for time differences! Mine's ordered.

Sold out :(

Already sold out, 12:55pm UK time.....

Sold out!

Sold out. :-(

Liked greased lightening I was. Even so, I must have gotten one of the last.

Actually Mike, I'm a bit annoyed at you now. I could buy every single book on that website, and I'm trying to pay for a wedding!

Well, on the plus side, I can put the $6.35 in my IRA!

Sure, thieve one from your adoring readers. A day after you savage my favorite camera.

Damn. That'll teach me to sleep late on a Saturday. I would have bought one for twice the price!

My paypal receipt says 12:36pm UK time. The postage of £2.40 was an unpleasant surcharge, I've had large books delivered for less than that.

It's small and thin, I may get a frame and have mine on the wall showing two pages at a time.

The Good Press Gallery, Glasgow are expecting five on Monday or Tuesday. One of those is for me and I believe one more is already sold, but if you're quick you may nab one by emailing them - contact details are at http://goodpressgallery.co.uk/index.php?/other/contact/

Good luck!

" It's small and thin, I may get a frame and have mine on the wall showing two pages at a time."

When I was in college I had a frame that fit album covers. Cheap decor, and it rotated, too.


On the plus side, maybe this instant sell out will encourage a larger book of the work?

Thank you Mike for posting the book on here.

It was a pleasure to publish John's work and I must thank him very much for allowing me too.

An amazing response, thanks to all who bought a copy - never known a book to sell out so fast! Sorry to those who missed it. I believe Good Press have now sold out too.

@Ed, I'm sorry the postage was an unpleasant surprise. Postage is always very difficult for a few reasons. Firstly, I like to keep my books affordable, so post always seems a lot because it approaches the same monetary value as the book. You're right - Amazon, you could have had free delivery. They make millions each day, I make next-to-nothing; I teach to make a living, books don't make me money.

Also, royal mail have recently increased their prices a ridiculous amount. Finally, using Paypal there are few options to offer different shipping rates to different parts of the world. Therefore I have to offer a one-size-fits-all price. I run Café Royal alongside my own research / practise, and teaching and having a family. Ideally I'd have time to weigh each order and give an exact shipping price but sadly not.
I hope you understand.

@Craig, I suppose I just like to know the total cost upfront (+£2.40 p&p would have sufficed), anyway I am abusing Mike's hospitality. I'm glad I don't have to compete with Amazon! Looking forward to getting my book

But the photo - WOW, The 59 Club!
I was a member from '63 to '65. I used to live in London England then.
Haven't thought about it in years. it was started by "the ton-up vicar" in 1959, hence the name, to keep wayward M/Cyclists on the straight and narrow.
Actually my leather jacket cost more than my first bike - kinda says it all about me and bikes really.

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