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Friday, 28 September 2012


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Not to destroy your source of income but I could get one at my local electronics superstore....and they even had a (street) price quote on the D600 (nice) which I would definetly prefer of the D800, nice piece of gear but only verry few lenses know how to tickle the sensor into 36 Mp extacy, most leave it looking a bit disappointed I'm affraid, leaving it with 36 million tears in its 36 million eyes, hence the blur I guess.

Greets, Ed.

And at a 95-cent discount too!

The flood gates may be cracking. My late April order at B&H went from back ordered/out of stock yesterday to shipment pending this morning.

"...no one seemed to notice that my Latin "FPO" text in the "Changes" post actually means something...."

It did no harm Mike!


(I've made this simpler and more general than my earlier attempt.)

"...no one seemed to notice that my Latin "FPO" text in the "Changes" post actually means something...."
That's because sometimes we're too cautious... As they said back then, "Quod abundat non nocet".

FPO = For Position Only, IIRC my long ago spell in print (back when cut and paste was more or less what was happening, though not really pasting (the boards had a tacky surface)? But no, I didn't notice it.


@Mike: Not just cars, haven't Leica dealers been known to do this in the past too?

You don't have that many readers from Latin America, then...

Well I did think the Latin was real but I didn't want to say anything in case I was wrong, after all you can never be too careful.

For me it was always interesting hoe D800E will perform in comparing to original D800. Hope it will not be loaded with moire (seems like it will not be an issue for nature landscapes)

I guess there are two sides to Nikon's price controls. No cuts and no premiums on scarce items either, except for people who are fool enough to buy from eBay scalpers.

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