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Thursday, 20 September 2012


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And Amazon already has eight reviews. Man, the world moves fast these days.

If someone is looking for a D600 in Stuttgart, Germany - the Photo Planet at the Arnulf-Klett-Platz (Hauptbahnhof) has them as well. And I can recommend that store from previous purchases.

It's true! My local shop had them for sale on Tuesday, and they were taking rental reservations on Monday.

Now, I just need $2100...

Already shipping, only a point off the D800's DxOMark score, a sweet-spot megapixel count for full-frame, and generally a lot to like without (relatively speaking) trying too hard to gain attention with 'new features'. Victory to Nikon this round, comfortably.

My counter response to this glut of Photokina digi-announcements? A purchase of a nice 6x6. Mmm, lovely - that'll do nicely. Show me the bignegative, as Jerry Maguire once bellowed.

Photo Pro in Cedar Rapids, Iowa got a shipment of them in the other day; they gleefully posted a picture on their Facebook page.

Oh, that's just Nikon being cruel and rubbing salt into the wound!*

*To Canon, that is, with its months-in-advance, preemptive, lets-hope-nobody-switching announcements ;-)

We got ours at work yesterday

I work at LensProToGo, we got a bunch in yesterday. Looks like an incredible camera for the price!


Other sources have said it's shipping now as well. That's a good goal for a major product announcement!

Too bad Nikon has abandoned the market segment I live in.

Yeah, our own Mic recieved his from BelAir:

And posted part 1 of his review here:


there is one going in adverts.ie already
a site for people to sell their stuff

Count me as one disappointed by the pricing. Both of these cameras are more than I have budgeting for photography right now, by quite a bit. But since the collapse of the yen carry trade a few years back, it's probably become harder for Nikon and Canon to be really agressive on pricing.

Not a bad deal, Nikon gets beta testers that pay Nikon for the privilege.

"there is one going in adverts.ie already a site for people to sell their stuff"

Yes, but for an inflated price. That's someone who's trying to "scalp" it, hoping for a quick flip and a quick profit while they're believed to be scarce.


Got mine tuesday! It's soooo nice, and yea, it's a bit pricey, but upgrading from the D90 it's worlds apart!

Just got an e-mail saying mine has shipped...this will be my first experience with a full frame camera that isn't Howizer-sized and I can't wait.

Now, if they will come out with a D600E, as with the D800E.....


I've used the 5DII, the D700, and the A900, and I'm just going to bet that with the D600, you're not going to need any additional sharpness or resolution. The only reason you might need more pixels is for bigger prints, but that's it. The D600 and pretty much any competent sharpening app is going to make sharper prints than 99% of the prints made since 1839.


Had to rush it out, as B&H is now taking pre-orders for the D600's successor, which will be pre-announced any day now.


Saw a few in normal and street side Hong Kong camera store at US$2,309.

Nothing unusual about it and the shopkeeper has no particular mention it either.

Just another camera.

Re: John Robison's post, I've been "beta testing" my D700 since receiving my pre-order in 2008... hasn't let me down yet.

Very nice. I have all the lenses and the price in the UK has become a lot more reasonable overnight.

However I am saving up for some more Fuji lenses...do I need another FF Nikon? Probably not.

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