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Sunday, 09 September 2012


I'm thinking they nailed it.

Whoa - I thought I'd clicked the DPreview bookmark..... hang on. thought I'd deleted that...

Another thought. This new Fuji looks very much like Panasonic's first foray into DSLR land the infamous DMC-L1.

I currently have 2 Canon DSLR's, an OM-D m4/3, and two or three P&S cameras in my office, and this camera still pulls at me like a wayward comet caught in a gravity well... I wonder if my wife would notice it if it suddenly joined the crowd? Hmmmmm....

"this camera still pulls at me like a wayward comet caught in a gravity well... I wonder if my wife would notice it if it suddenly joined the crowd?"

Just buy a silver one, and if your wife notices, innocently say, "oh, that old thing? I've had that forever."

Retro styling has gotta be good for something.


I'm watching this one with interest - while I like my NEX7 very much (used the vast majority of the time with OM Zuikos) the X-E1 is very appealing, not the least because of the traditional control layout. If they'd release a native 35mm-e it would quite possibly push me over the edge...

I'm sorry Mike, but I think the X-E1 looks really scary without an optical viewfinder. It feels incomplete and strange.

Think of it as the most gorgeous and perfect girl you have ever met, except that half of her face is missing.

Is it just me or what?

Damn you Fuji! Just as I had finally decided that with the OM-D, the time is now right to get my first mirrorless camera and potentially ditch my DSLR. Last week I was trying to decide the colour (silver) and lenses (pana 20mm f1.7, maybe the oly 45mm as well). And now this comes along and I'm back in square one.

So what to do now? Stick my decision and get the Olympus? Or wait for a bit longer?

Ken, they will release a 23mm(35mm equiv) f1.4 and a 28mm(40mm equiv) f2.8 pancake next year.

If only I had $999.9999 to spend (slightly more in Canadian). It looks almost(!) as cool as an OM-D.

I gotta stop looking so closely at these micro 4/3 posts. You're killing me, Mike! "I love my 5D. I love my 5D. I love my 5D . . . "

Wow, is Fuji ever on a roll with neat stuff, or what.

I was about to pre-order this - probably still will - but Sony just dropped a bomb with the RX1. Not a direct competitor, but as they say, Oh dear.

Holding pattern...

Being a medium format guy 33% of the time, I wonder what Fuji and Hassey will be showing at Photokina.

Next year Fuji will introduce;
23mm F/1.4 (35mm eq)
56mm F/1.4 (85mm eq)
28mm F/2.8 pancake (40mm eq)

I think with these, and current 35/1.4 & 14/2.8, it's beginning to become very interesting ;-)

The only problem seems to be that pesky and not-so-well-implemented Focus-By_wire ;-(

Walking round a general electronics and white goods store here in the UK - Currys actually and next to the dishwashers were the cameras.
Mostly uninteresting (to me) P&S but I wanted to play with a D3200 (light, hi res) in case I might want one as a back up…
What surprised me was among the 'dross' were a G12, an X10 and the NEX-5 something.
I have a G10 and the G12 does nothing for me. Since I bought an S90 I hardly use the G10, I tend to lend it to my son. I really liked the G10 when I got it but now I kind of feel I don't need it. The NEX-5 surprised me as it just looks wrong - unbalanced and clumsy but feels absolutely right in the hand and I can really see why Mike lusts after the NEX-7. I sort of do too.
But the X-10 is an absolute charmer - feels perfect to use and put a smile on my face just to look at and play with the switches. A gem and I want one. I might just keep it on my desk and never actually use it but I want one!

I did quite like the D3200 but it might look a but silly with the 70-200 plus tc2.0 on it. And I waiting to see what happens at Photokina - D600 price mostly. Oh, and I'm in the middle of buying a house.
I suppose I could talk to my wife about a smaller house and a few more lenses...

I've an X-pro1 and am considering the X-E1 with kit zoom as a '2nd' camera. I can probably learn to tolerate an EVF. Haven't used such on my X-pro1 as I'm partial to the OVF

There has been a fair amount of inter-webs controversy about the X-trans sensor RAW file conversion challenges. I'm not convinced that the 'problem' is anywhere near as significant as some have passionately maintained.

All of that having been said, the X-pro1 OOC jpegs have vastly moderated my RAW only fanaticism. Ken Tanaka's thoughts on OOC jpegs seem to apply well to the X-trans output with the Fuji film 'styles'.

Fun camera!

this camera is a better option than the X-Pro1, but Mike I think Sony have been listening to you and will announce your dream camera on Wednesday the RX1


I really love the design, can I say a Purist's camera. Where the Pro's price point kept me at arms length this is with in reach. I love any machine that gives me instant access to exposure compensation that I can "feel", even if it is only two stops. Owning an x10, this would be the perfect step up.

If it had an articulated LCD it would be near perfect.

You guys can Beta test it for me, maybe I'll pick up a $500 used one after the second firmware update.

If that thing took Micro Four Thirds lenses I'd sell my OM-D for it right now.

Guess I'm just getting burned out on new camera releases. Can't get exciited anymore. In six months there will be another dozen gotta have $1000 wonders.

I'm sure it will be a great camera. (shrug)

Slightly smaller than the X-Pro1, even handsomer

Handsomer? Mike! Yes, it's nice looking, but, compared to the X-Pro 1, well, it's a bit...blind.

And I consider the X-Pro 1 just perfect in the size department, too.

And retro controls aren't good because they're retro and nostalgic, they're good because they're sensible and easy to use.

There are two interesting things about the new Fuji:

First, Fuji has been filling out the perfect enthusiast lens lineup. Or at least all of the focal lengths that I like.

Second, the EVF seems to have a useful resolution. If it turns out to be useable for manual focus, I may finally drink the Kool-Aid.

Uh oh!! Not to be outdone, Sony has leaked this...

If only Fuji would go all the way and make the RAW conversion available to every photo editor out there - instead of the current "no one else decently supports it"...
Oh, and give it body IS! :)

Still, very tempted.
I've been on the m4/3 camp since the start with an EPL1, it's high time for an upgrade. This one makes it a very hard choice between the OM-D and the X-E1!

I reckon that what we need is a Leica clone... In the olden days there were many of them, from Russia, Germany, Japan even Hong Kong...

The problem with Leica is that they are like jewellery (with a price to match)...

As an example, there used to be a camera called a Konica... Nowhere near as good as a Leica, nowhere near as expensive as a Leica, but very practical, capable and with enough to make it a really useful tool for someone interested in making/taking photographs at every level of skill.

I never owned a Konica, but I did own a Yashica, from the same era, and it was not possible to actually comprehend the language used in the manual...

But then you didn't need to.

So I reckon that the first company to produce with a full frame rangefinder camera, that uses 'm' lenses and doesn't require a manual, will take all the prizes.

The girlfriend swears by her X10; in fact she has more or less parked her Canon SLR since she bought the little Fuji about a year ago. I have so far kept well away from mirrorless cameras (despite occasionally flirting with the idea of acquiring a Panasonic and a single, fine piece of glass), but this one really hit some sort of sensory sweet spot for me. I feel an expensive sortie on the way.

I have an X-Pro 1 and this looks like it might fix some of my gripes** with it. While I applaud the hybrid viewfinder innovation it's implementation just didn't sit quite right. I also use a Panasonic M4/3 and it's high refresh EVF has become a joy to use, so on seeing this I'm kind of wishing I'd waited now. *sigh*.

Mike, i think you are wrong that this will become the backup camera. *If* its EVF is anywhere close to the best there currently is, I think this camera would push the X-Pro1 to being my backup.

Oh and Siu, that is not just you, I had the same initial thought. I wish they'd put the flash there at the front to visually balance it. But hey, it's change, we'll get used to it as they say. ;-)

** I still love the camera for its flawed beauty and need to get the AF firmware fix in place to see how that helps too.

Oooh ... the grass is always greener on mount Fuji.

I shall now have to meditate in gratitude for the camera I have.

So it's a Pen with a larger sensor but without IBIS. Yawn.

And the latest rumour: the RX1 - a full-frame Sony with a fixed 35mm f/2 Zeiss Sonnar lens. Optional EVF, or OVF.

As you said, "So little time...so many cameras."


Let's remove the LCD, buil-in flash, and buttons which you don't need if you have no LCD.

This looks like a great addition to the line, but an enormous part of the appeal of my X100 is the too fun viewfinder, which is one of the very best ever put into a camera. My Leica and Canon P sit alone and ignored now that I can get my (admittedly faked) viewfinder kicks in digital.

I was thinking when I saw the XTrans pattern (with it's interesting rotational symmetries) that some signal processing otaku at Fuji had come up with a very clever demosaicing algorithm to make use of those symmetries. It seems not.

The Chromasoft blog had several posts showing how demosaicing in his product (Photoraw) along with dcraw, Silkypix and Lightroom and had some problems.

See these blog posts and the links in them



If you are using Aperture 3 (which seems to have Bayer hardwired in) I doubt you'll see support for any of the non-Bayer cameras from Fuji (or Leica Monochrom or similar cameras).

Bayer seems to be the least worst of the options for color: there's been a lot of effort in developing good demoasicing algorithms for Bayer images.

That said a friend of mine is using a XPro1 and seems happy with the output he gets.

Hi Kevin, I read the same article, but it's wrong to read too much into one issue which requires intense pixel peeping without also looking at some of the advantages.

All Bayer sensors require an AA filter and produce other artifacts. It's a trade off of course, but the images I get from my Xpro1 are overall better than those from my D7000 and D700, especially in terms of shadow recovery and lack of moire.

Something to do with the sampling technique also seems to reduce noise (more green pixels per sample area?) without such obvious smearing.

Also, there is very little need to add significant USM, which means no halos which seem so prominent in most digital cameras. In fact there are none at all in the OOC JPEGs.

There are other noticeable issues related to the property noticed in the article, but the effect in prints is mostly negligable. It's just a shame that Adobe decided not to bother too much, since I am a Lightroom user and there is no convenient way to use other RAW software from within LR.

@Steve Jacob

It's not too bad if you set up a watched folder for import in LR.

Use whatever RAW converter you like, output the TIF files into that folder and LR will automatically import them. Then process as normal.

Not ideal, but no doubt the boys will eventually find time for the challenge of putting in a really good processing algorithm for the 6x6 array.

Hi Craig, thanks for that - newbie to LR though old ACR hack.

New news is that a comment from a C1 developer on one of their youtube tutorials mentioned that they are working with Fuji on an Xtrans RAW converter.

I prefer C1's less invasive file management.

QUOTE (We regret that we don't have affiliations with Amazon Italy or France.)UNQUOTE

No problem. I order from Amazon Germany (using your link) and have the goods shipped to me in France. Just bought the new MacBook with Retina display; it was about 200 Euros less from Amazon Germany than from Amazon France. Additional shipping was less than 10 euros, but I had to pay french rather than german sales tax, again about 10 euros difference.

As Edith Piaf used to sing: "je ne regrette rien". Nor should you. Just tell your readers how to do it.

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