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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


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Ok, this is getting silly. Soon it will only cost $15 to make these and they'll sell for under $50...

My Sony NEX-3, which I love and is VERY capable (in fact I could not find nearly enough reason to upgrade to the NEX-7 for the price), I paid about $500 for a year or so ago. They are on eBay now for $150-175 for the body only, and that's new old stock.

Is it me or is does the cycle seem to be accelerating even faster than normal lately?

That's a good size comp... but I like this one just for ridiculousness : http://camerasize.com/compare/#243,167

Michael, TYVM for the link to the size comparator; I didn't know it existed.

Thanks for posting this deal! Is Panasonic going to be phasing these out or is it just on sale since there is no viewfinder and just a touch screen instead? I actually really like the size of it.

Alix, this has already been superseded by the GF5. I believe it's the last Panasonic with the 12MP sensor used in numerous Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds models since 2008 or so. A good sensor up to ISO 800 or so (some would say 400, a few might venture to 1600), but quite unforgiving of less-than-perfect exposures.

Not really meaningful comparing the sizes of cameras by different manufacturers - perhaps it's better to show just one brand - say, maybe, Pentax (grin)

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