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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


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That would be today then.
It being New Zealand and we are ahead of everyone else in regards to time, but not in awareness of Street Photography Day.
Oh well, I suppose I will have to wait until next year.

I did just that! Am not sure though whether my street photos are worthy of this day. On any other day, maybe...

Okay, than I will be indoors all day, working on a virtual tour....nice warning :).

Greets, Ed.

Digging thru the mess to find my M3 and my collapsible 50mm Elmarit, then I'm out the door to honor HCB. It'll be tough to get you files by tomorrow since I plan on going "all the way." and shooting Tri-X film (Can't get Super XX in 35mm anymore....).

Thanks for bringing this to light.

There's no way Ill be able to get the film developed in timeā€¦

Tell you what--I'll make another call for pictures in about a month. That should give film shooters the time to get their film developed and their selects scanned.


But, isn't street photography becoming illegal?


Crikey - a month to get your films developed? 4 hours is the standard where I am....

"Crikey - a month to get your films developed? 4 hours is the standard where I am...."

Sorry, maybe I'm just thinking of how long it would take me.


I did it, I was out there. Thanks for cracking the whip, Mike. Whether or not I'm pleased with them is a different matter. We shall see.

How about one taken on Tuesday? I'm working till midnight today.

Is that an S95 in your pocket or are you just glad that it's street photography day?

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