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Thursday, 02 August 2012


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"I don't want spam...I don't like spam"


I once got over 50,000 spam emails in a month. Then I realized I had a catch-all set up on my mail server. DOH!

Blame Google. These spammers are rarely looking to get your readership to fall for clicking their links, but are piggybacking on your own GoogleJuice in an attempt to improve their (mystical, ephemeral...holy) Google ranking.

I added a plugin to nofollow all links and added a text line right above the edit window: "Links have no SEO value".

Didn't stop the bots, but did cut back on the human attempts.

With that quantity I suspect you're mostly getting hit by bots. I added another plugin called Bad Behavior and another that uses the stopforumspam.com database that deals with them.

I went from thousands of spam posts per day to less than 1 per day.

If we could just channel those 1,000 spammers to be Ctein's true fans, things would work out just great.

I only get between 60-100 a day. They come and they go. Every once in a great while there is a clever one among the chaff. Why someone would someone who has a creative bent spend time creating spam? Lack of a paying gig?

Isthe spam is tailored for a photography site? "Hello! I am Nigerian prince haveing manny camera as LEICA S3 and PENNTAX 645D to to western union your bank ASaP! In great palace awaiting suit-case to include, which possess loving VIGIARA for to woman and also of KODACHROME slides that make memory of beautiful United State holidays to 1956."

Erma Bombeck wrote a piece on making a fancy ham dish for her in-laws. She worked all day on it only to discover she had produced home made SPAM.
The SPAM museum in Austin, Minnesota is a hoot by the way. None of this applies to your SPAM issue.

Ah, if only they were all "true fans of Ctein..."

Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, and Michael Palin really get around, don't they?

1,000 true friends?

Hang on a minute. Is there a correlation between the 1,000 spammers and Ctein's fan base?

I agree though; without filters things would get a lot tougher.

Those weren't Ctein's thousand new true fans?

DUH, welcome to the internet, apologies but what do you expect, we all get them I have 3 emails averaging 100 - 300 a day.

It's a possible income generator. Compile a list of the spammers' email addresses and sell it to Nigerian scam and ED cure spammers.



I meditate, with a picture, about the meaning of comment spam.

Mike, live your life the way you need to first, always. Blog, or work s/b second for all of us. Family (includes yourself) first, work second, friends next and so on. Best order for taking care of all.


and I thought MIke was too busy watching the Olympics.

I keep getting these e-mails from Nigerian princes who are anxious to sign up as Contributors, but they have a small problem that some kind of obscure banking regulation in their country requires them to pay me $10,000 by certified check.

I'm sure it's entirely safe, so I'll just take out my hundred dollars and send back the remaining 9,900.

Boy, I never realized it was this easy to make money!

pax / Ctein

"and I thought MIke was too busy watching the Olympics."

It *is* kinda funny that just watching the Olympics from 7 to 11 every night is enough to put me behind the eight ball all day long.

It's not entirely that. I've had a few obligations come up this week that all need attention--nothing serious or alarming, but all of them time-consuming.


I firmly believe that the main reason we keep needing more and more powerful computers is to have the horsepower to respond to and clean up after all the viruses, trojans and spam. One day, the invasive crap will outstrip our cpu designers' ability to increase processing speed, and on that day this will all come to a halt.

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