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Thursday, 23 August 2012


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Hi Mike,

I went out purposefully for your HCB shooting challenge. I shoot most every day, with my trusty Leica M8 and 35mm Summicron, but this day had special significance.

Anyway, these two photographs were made today. One early, one late.

An espresso moment at the coffeeshop in Lyons, Colorado

Running to band practice, I stopped at the park and saw these kids wrapping up soccer practice.

More of my work and these photos can be seen larger at http://ColoradoFaces.com

Kenneth Wajda

Here is my photos to the celebration of the The Street Photography Day. They are published at the Swedish photo site www.fotosidan.se with the link:
Best wishes
Bob Bovin

I took "street" literally: http://500px.com/photo/12266075


Here are some images to celebrate Street photography day. Unfortunately not taken with my M8 I only had my GH2 with.
Best wishes,
Terry (ttt)

I'd like to offer two images I captured Wednesday in tribute to HCB, each aligned with his life-long joys and wishes.

First, joyful carefree children playing on a sculpture by Pablo Picasso, Henri's friend and contemporary.

Daley Plaza, Chicago, August 22, 2012

Second, peace and harmony as symbolized by a flock of pigeons lounging in the late summer afternoon's sun.

Daley Plaza, Chicago, August 22, 2012

I'd like to think that both of these scenes would have attracted Henri Cartier-Bresson's eye if he had walked through the plaza on the glorious late summer afternoon I enjoyed yesterday.

Hello Mike,

if i had not read your Blog, ...

So, thanks: http://41mm.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/not-my-dog/

All best.



(http://richardtugwell.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/201208220011.jpg if you want a bigger one)



Being summer in Scotland it was raining heavily in Glasgow. I was keeping dry under a large awning and took a few photo's while waiting for the rain to stop. This was the best...

It is yesterday's photo from my daily photo blog - most of which is street photography from Glasgow. http://24hourphoto.wordpress.com


Here's mine with what little time I had available:


In his honor, I did watch the HCB documentary DVD of "The Impasssioned Eye" and "Contacts.1 The Great Tradition of Photojournalism" for the HCB segment to see contact sheets of some of HCB's images. Both very highly recommended.



Hu, my first tries in this genre for years

Hi Mike (and all) - my little image for Street Photography Day. Lovers sharing an iPhone moment in Melbourne, Australia:

Taken on my 7D with Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 - so, not really a street camera... but at least I didn't have the battery grip attached!

Ernie Van Veen

Brick Lane, London - 22nd August, 2012. I took this during a lunchtime walkabout.


I went out last night armed for bear (so to speak) and did not see a single living soul the entire time I was out. Tonight...fantastic, but definitely not trad street. Probably not even nontraditional street.

my feeble attempt - taken with a camera phone on the dreaded instant gratification site... apologies for the childish soft-focus effects as well


I'm pretty sure mine doesn't qualify as an HCB street photo, more like a street portrait. Still, it's unscripted and the decisive moment was when I decided to take out my camera in this dangerous area (a person who robbed me at gunpoint lived a house or two from here).


I imagine that candid photography was much more challenging in Henry's day, in the days before cellphones.

Larger images in the photo essay section of http://www.pileofprints.com/

At a street farmers' market in Portland, ME. A new appreciation for just how difficult it is to take truly candid shots of people (as opposed to tomatoes).


Went to downtown Los Angeles to do some classic street photography stuff and instead did everything but. So I'll contribute the first photo in this Blog post of the new fountain in the new 'Grand Park' in Los Angeles.


Mary blesses infrastructure "investment".

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Dave' West Harlem (NYC) street work. I figure if you're going to celebrate HCB's birthday, do it on a film rangefinder! Of course, I am not worthy to wipe off his lens caps.


Triplet (Walk)

Triplet (Walk), Chinatown, Manhattan, NY

I (like many other readers) take pictures every day, and as I was walking down Pell St in New York, I noticed this group of 3 people walking together and captured the moment.

hi Mike,
I took this picture Wed. at Toronto's City Hall...http://www.flickr.com/photos/bens_pictures/7841634264/in/photostream

I got two images and four pints of beer. How´s that for celebration? ;)


Living on the 8th floor (100 feet above ground) of an apartment building overlooking a busy street and boulevard provides me with a great vantage point with a series of long lenses.

Here's my contribution : "Lines In The Street"


Enjoy :)

I took a few minutes Wednesday to take a some pictures at a memorial held in Toronto to mark the first anniversary of the death of Canadian politician Jack Layton. I don't know if my results qualify 100% as street, but they can be seen on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aurora_photog/sets/72157631202328126/

Just like every day, yesterday I went out to shoot on the streets of London. And what a coincidence - I bumped into Bruce Gilden!

Bruce with some guy(not me). Amazing how down to earth and easy going he is.

And that's my street shot from yesterday.

Something I do everyday for the past year. Just walk and photograph people. There's much more on my blog http://streetsinlondon.tumblr.com


Taken in Oaxaca, Mexico, March 2012


I wasn't able to shoot yesterday, but I did put together this Flickr gallery a couple of years ago "Henri et moi" -http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnmflores/galleries/72157624531009307/


You have some pretty good photographers for readers. Just FYI.


Sadly I didn't have the opportunity to shoot yesterday (though I do enjoy street photography), but one thing that strikes me is the number who opt for B&W when shooting street. I often do as well, but I'm not entirely sure why ...

- is it because the "greats" shot in B&W and street just doesn't look right in colour?
- are street scenes so often cluttered with colour we need to simplify?
- is it a way of saying "this is not a snapshot"?
- does it make the image seem timeless?

I'll also admit to occasionally adding a bit of noise/grain to street images in post - a lot of my street photography seems to call for a grittier look than provided by top quality DSLR output.


Here's one to add to the mix:
Egg Man 480
Egg Man

For the series, you are welcome to visit:




Taken in Hinton, WV yesterday

Happy Street Photography Day!

Taken in Philadelphia:


Well, I decided to experiment by shooting while riding my bike home from work. Usually I shoot from the sidewalk. So, with an experiment one gets.... um... experimental results :-)

This is taken on Cambie Bridge, Vancouver BC.

Hi Mike,
My first day out with the E-M5.
Mini Car and Mini House, French Quarter New Orleans.



Taken on my way to work with my current small camera (Canon S95)

Seattle, WA. 8/22/2012

Took a walk around my work neighborhood at lunchtime. Not my most inspired shooting day, but I got this:

New York City, Hell's Kitchen

(http://edgaillard.smugmug.com/Other/test/14816132_cXQCtL#!i=2042674310&k=NqTCKLT&lb=1&s=A )

BTW, earlier in this thread Mark Kinsman mentioned two HCB documentaries. One, "Contacts 1" is part of a terrific little series but, alas, is no longer available, at least for any humane price. (It's offered for several hundred dollars used.)

But the other, "The Impassioned Eye", the more professional of the two, can still be had new for about $20. Or you can watch it for free on Vimeo! Well worth the hour if you're interested in Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I guess I need to pay more attention, I didn't know about this. It was raining here in Taiwan yesterday, ahead of two possible typhoons which are scheduled to hit us.

This was taken late yesterday afternoon at Place des Arts in downtown Montreal. Summer in Montreal is a wall-to-wall festival of festivals, and most of the bigger ones are centered around this area. It was strangely quiet yesterday for an afternoon in August.

Yes, I know it's crooked and there's no single point of interest. But my street photography style is "stochastic," in that I shoot from the hip and then sort it all out later. (Thanks to Ctein for helping me put a label on the style.)

I'm away from my regular tools, so this isn't a very good job of shrinking to 470 pixels. Here it is a bit bigger (1024 pixels wide).

The New Street Photographers
Yonge Street. Toronto.

I'd join in, but I'm not really in the habit of looking and selecting photos I've taken that recently...I need some time to divest myself of the emotion of taking the shots in order to see them with less biased eyes.

I shot a roll of HP5+ in my Minolta x-370 but haven't had time to develop it yet, so for now here is a shot from my GX1. I like photographing empty chairs I see on the street, like this one.

Taking the market into the street, the Food Bowl in San Diego offers street-style tacos every Wednesday. The price jumps to 89 cents Thursday through Sunday.

OK, taken a short while ago:


Federal Plaza, Chicago. biding my time here

(Tried to claw back detail on the bottom due to the contrast range. I'll give it a "meh/ok")

Falls Church, VA

See it larger at: http://www.jameshengst.com/p428776323/e47f44f

I meant to get out to the lake early to shoot some of my informal portraits with the 5x7 but ended up just getting there right around sunset and could only bang out a couple of landscapes. Not totally convinced.


This picture is what I was trying to shoot last night, taken a couple of weeks ago. Not sure HCB would be into the tripod but to me it's in his spirit.

Walden Pond

Midday in Spain...

and a couple of days ago...

Hi, I´m very proud to see the response to my idea "Street Photography Day". This is one of the pictures I took yesterday, in rain and shine.



Flowers for HC-B

Mike, if I can piggyback onto Ken Tenaka's comment to my earlier post. The Contacts segment for HCB is also included in the 2 disk set which is available on Amazon at a reasonable price and includes the Impassioned eye to, along with films and other documentaries - all HCB:

Henri was not seen on the streets of Montreal yesterday, just these two sketchy angels following me...


Munich (Bavaria) round noon: the sun is not vertical any more, and the shadows bend...

A meta-comment, if I may: This is a great thread with those inline photos. Clicking on the links is too much trouble. Should have been upload only.

There are five here, Mike.


Thie first one you will see is the earliest one I took. I managed to download them in reverse order, so just hit the 'older' button to go forward in time.

I'm reasonably pleased.

From your old stomping grounds:


That's a great photographer community you've got here, Mike! Great photos, especially Ken Tanaka's. They've got THAT touch.

American Apparel

Larger version at https://dl.dropbox.com/u/32640163/American%20Apparel.jpg

Er, I've just reread Mike's original post. With my previous comment it's not five pictures I have to show you; it's just one, honest. Don't look at the rest. : ]


from Steve Wozniak at the Turing Festival in Edinburgh

Shot my daughter outside a taoist temple in Redfern (Sydney, Aus) i turned to see why she'd stopped following and saw her backlit like this, so not a street shot as such but un-posed and on the street :)

Canon EOS30 50L at f1.2 Kodak Gold 100 film. The first roll of film i've shot in over a year, and focused using the eye control function to select the focus points - wish my 5Dmark3 could do that...


My Sydney.


Hi Mike,

Here's my first purposive attempts at street photography nudged along quite a bit by my TOP readings.

Before going out on an errand (to buy a soft case for my newly arrived camera), I "happened" to read your HCB birthday post. What a coincidence! That sure bolstered my resolve.

Below is "Old man waiting with 'drive-by' lunch packs for jeepney drivers."

Here's the link to another photo, Man in yellow 'Miss Saigon' t-shirt and red sneakers.

Both were taken at the University of the Philippines main campus in Quezon City, while I was waiting for my jeepney ride to the mall.

I don't have the gumption to take frontal "in your face" street shoots, just yet. Maybe when I'm more comfortable with my camera. It's a Ricoh GXR-M with a Distagon 4/18 ZM (27 mm-e); not as handy & inconspicuous as my old Ixus.

Thanks for the motivation (not to mention the opportunity to get published at the TOP right from the git-go)!

Yours truly,

Ferdinand Garrido

Tricky to take a decent shot on a specific day indeed! A good exercise though.

Not much going on around me yesterday evening, but from an anti-Sartorialist point of view, here's Saltwell Park, Gateshead, UK.

Piauí, Brazil.

It was the 22nd according to my watch, if not our calendar. Sussex Street, Sydney. My version of the Sydney Winter Olympics. PB

Here's the "Old man..." pic in the broken link of my earlier comment:

Pardon the double post.

Just a quick apology: just realized I messed up the pixel width, mine (reflection of the Washington monument) was 500 instead of 470 like you'd suggested. But I see you were able to fit it in anyway. Thanks!

What fun and some great shots. Any chance we can do this more regularly? I didn't get a chance to get out yesterday.

I read your post just in time, because it was Montana State University's campus move in day on August 23. Perfect for some street photography moments. I prepared for the day and was able to walk around campus, take some photos and do my job at the same time. I can't think of a better way to celebrate HCB birthday.

Here is one of my better ones http://asbrittonphoto.tumblr.com/image/30084026508
you can just go to my main page to seethe rest.

Aaron Britton in Bozeman, Montana

Santa Monica, California, shortly after sunset, under an overcast sky.

I have to say I like the 'New York City, Hell's Kitchen' photo by ed g.


When I got home.

It's been many years since I've ventured out onto a street with a camera, so being out of that groove I played it safe and went to a local park. Yes, Henri Catier-Bresson was an inspiration indeed.


Good to see Bruce Gilden was on the streets for HCB day!
London too....

Oops move in day was on August 22, 2012. Same day as HCB birthday.
Spaced that one.

Here is another photo from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.

Aaron Britton

I posted a small set of photo ideas on HCB day, a few taken that day. This one was:

The rest are at

Or you can enjoy them as a video presentation at
(Two and some minutes, 15 pix, Bach Cello Suite #5 performed by Pablo Casals accompaniment...)

They're not a 'complete thought'. Just ideas as I explore and learn the Leica X2. Which Henri might have liked a lot.


Great fun! Please invite readers to post pictures again. I'm feeling a little despondent about not having contributed anything here.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get out to to shoot unit 8/24. I hope this remains in the spirit of things. Thanks, Cal Eagle


Wow, some really great street shots here, I think some sites will be getting a lot of hits from this post!

Anyway, I still havent ballsed up to doing street photography full on, so getting people in the shot hasnt happened a lot yet. I live in a small ish town, there really isnt a lot going on in the main parts, and some of the more interesting parts are not all that safe, still, no excuses right!

Enough waffle, here is an image of the side entrance to our social services center, the dole office, not pretty right!


Mmm... Mike, have you see Black Mirror (UK, Channel 4 serie)
This post and iPhone 5 saga make me think twice about street photography future...

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