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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


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Interesting. B&H sent me an email yesterday with a promo code for the $400 off CS6 and I did not have to buy anything else.

"Interesting. B&H sent me an email yesterday with a promo code for the $400 off CS6 and I did not have to buy anything else."

That's because you ALREADY bought one of those products. They also sent the code to previous customers of the qualifier items.


You're going to need that $400 and more to buy yourself a new computer.

As the owner of a copy of Elements 9, which I had gotten as a freebie with a piece of hardware, Adobe offered me Photoshop for $299.
When checking the features of the various Photoshops on Adobe's website, the Adobe comparison chart showed Elements as the only one of the Photoshops having the Photomerge(in my case for panoramas) feature. That seemed strange....

This is great for some folks, but how about the rest of us? I paid $300 for Lightroom 18 months ago, before they cut the price by 50%, and another $75 to upgrade a few months ago. Nothing for those in my position. I'd like to have a copy of photoshop but no way can I justify the expense. I refuse to pirate it, unlike just about everybody else I know. I don't mean to come off like sour grapes, but I can't help but feel like I'm a good customer who is left out in the cold.

I was able to get a full version of Photoshop from Pictureline for $299 using promo code adobe400. Today only. (back ordered)

If you bought Lightroom 4 from B&H Photo, you should have gotten an email from them with the promo code in it. As I understand it, this particular offer doesn't pertain to earlier versions of Lightroom.


Here's another one, from Amazon. $400 off Photoshop:


The catch? It has to be sold from Amazon itself, not a third party. This came out a few weeks ago and Amazon has been sold out since. Expires Aug 30. However, if you locate the Amazon version you can pre-order it at the discount for shipping later. Price bounces all around. When I first saw it the total was $196. Then $205. Now it's something like $260.


P.S. I decided the upgrade from CS5 wasn't worth $200...

When I log on to B&H's website I see no mention of this deal. Are they just not mentioning it, or is it only available in the US or something? (I'm in Canada)


The notification does specifically say that the deal is not advertised on the website. I've read through the email again and there's no mention of it being U.S. only.


Thanks Mike, I'll give it a try.

Perhaps you should also post a link to the retail versions of Photoshop CS6 on B&H, so that those who get their discount code can come back and put a few more coins in your basket...

I'm doing my part to send an affiliate click-through kickback from my purchases! Probably not much of a kickback, but such good deals - I'm amazed at the quality (& features) of that Canon printer/scanner combo for $60!

I placed an order with B&H last night and called them this morning to confirm. They seemed to have no knowledge of the offer and declined to honour it, so I cancelled the order. Oh well, sounded too good to be true...

Yes, PSE does at least one thing that full PS doesn't: superposition of multiple items from separate frames. For example, if you have two versions of a group portrait with one person blinking in the better version, it takes a lot of effort in PS with masks and layers to transfer the good face: PSE does it automatically in a couple of clicks.
Or you can do a sequence with someone moving throufgh a scene - like multiple exposure but there's no transparency to the figures.

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