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Monday, 20 August 2012


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One thing I would be interested in (as I would imagine other TOP readers would be) is a photobook of reader submitted work. Curated by yourself, and the printing handled by Ctein. Might be more trouble than you'd like, but it might make economic sense for you.

I would love to support a Kickstarter project to get a book published

I already want to order it.

If only for my sake, please go slowly with recommending any photo books. I've successfully addressed my "GAS" symptoms, but am still wrestling with "BAS" and need all the help I can muster...

Unfortunately for you I am a BPE (book purchase enabler). [g]


John's East End photos deserve to be published at least as much as those by some lady from Chicago. Perhaps it can be arranged for them to turn up at a garage sale?

After viewing this photo I had to go look at the rest. Wow. Very impressive work. Today's B&W's really don't have the same charm. The grain and tones contribute all the more to these vintage shots. Remember when Bob Seger sang today's music ain't got the same soul? Well these photos sing out the same song to me.

Nooooo don't do anything about books my bank balance can't stand it! Every time yo wax lyrical about a book I end up buying it.

Too many books, too few bookshelves but yes..I would be interested.

It's good to see John Claridge getting some publicity.
He has produced 6 self published limited edition books including one of his east end prints.
In 1992 I went to his exhibition of east end prints 'Warm in the Shadows Cold in the Sun' at the RPS.
We chatted about his portraits of jazz musicians. His studio was next door to Ronnie Scott's in Soho. I said I was taken with his portrait of Chet Baker and would like to buy a print.
The prints were not for sale at the time, but he asked for my address.
The following week I received a signed copy of his book One Hundred Photographs which included the Chet Baker photo. Still my most treasured book.

Hi Mike

I have a book that's looking for a home... a book of the train commuters you have previously featured.

The link below is to flash movie of the book so I hope iPad and iphone users have iMacs.


Drop me a line if you think it has potential.

The economics are interesting. Publishing this book would cost about $10 (print run of 1000) but it would have to be distributed from the US (any parcel I send from Australia to the US attracts a $9 security levy..ouch.).

I'd buy it. My impression of the manque is that it's a little too diffuse...I count 72 images and I think it might be stronger if you could get it down to around 50 or so. Just my impression after virtually paging through it....

One solution might be placing a gallery show and getting the gallery to publish a catalog. Again, just a thought.


"She was so proud."

Yes, there were times, when people were proud, or at least pleased, when someone took their photograph.

Photographers were the nice guys with a camera and not potential paparazzi or child molesters.

Gone forever, I'm afraid. Gone are the times when Cartier-Bressons, Doisneau and all the others could happily snap away in the public space. Replaced by mistrust, 'concerns' about 'privacy' and downright hostility.

The next Cartier-Bresson will have to make do with pot flowers, food or landscape, provided it's devoid of people or trademarked items.

Pity really.

Just received the William Gedney book an hour ago. Worth every nickel of the $99 used book price -- still, that's a lot of moola.
The pictures are absolutely GORJESUS! Unfortunately many of them are "Lost in the Gutter, (Google article on this abomination by Mike Johnston, 2004).
Even a brief look-through makes me want to load up an M3 with Tri-X, and get out there!
I can hardly wait to read the text.

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