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Thursday, 19 July 2012


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Don't go getting any ideas Mike.

Shoot; just realised that might be misunderstood. Don't go thinking you can quit too - that's what I meant to say.

....and no tear was shed amongst Canon marketing executives...

I have his cheat-sheet-cum-book before I have any dSLR. One period passed and good luck to him.

Hi Mike,

Private message. typo alert (??) third line missing "he" (??)

Best of days,

(I read that you're cutting down on responses to your sidecar editors -- good call! time is precious.)

Rob Galbraith is an android...resist the urge to trust him. He also invented FlufferNutterâ„¢, which goes well with peanut butter but is excruciating with Leg of Lamb. I'll totally miss Rob's website, like, totally.

It is difficult enough for a web publication to build such a large readership (Canon 1D Mark III debacle notwithstanding), I am surprised he is not putting one of his associates at the helm while he is busy elsewhere.

Somewhere, a man with a fetish for female Canadian college volleyball players, dies.

Maybe he should have passed on the baton to his associates, but it's no surprise if you saw the high-handed and self-interested way they "managed" and then sold their forums to a paywall operation. Not many tears here.

I guess the "future" isn't always on the Web, after all...

What a bummer. His site was one I have regularly enjoyed, and the Canon AF stuff was really great.

I'd like to hear TOP's take on the best current sites for reading about photography (including TOP, of course).

I've always liked his site and I too will miss it, though I didn't visit it that often. It was a good resource for things such as the CF card database. Based on its most recent update, I knew which was the fastest card to buy for my 1DIV.

I followed his 1DIII autofocus test with rapt attention.

He will be missed.

As long as he keeps shooting 8x10, it's cool.

Sad day, Rob delivered on all aspects of the true user experience with his insights. Unafraid to right the truth of what he saw and not in the pocket of a camera maker.

Together with TOP a nearly everyday read for me , a real pity.
I think we take these kinds of forums for granted until they are gone and the authors move onto a endevour that provides more financial security.
So lets all keep Mike chained to his Mac by buying something through this forum every so often.

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