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Sunday, 22 July 2012


Uncle Bill!

Thanks for the heads up. I'll let my mom know about this.

Wow, these are beautiful portraits of some amazing people. Damon Winter has such a great range of styles. I recently had the pleasure to take a portrait of Sándor Tarics who at 98 is the oldest living Olympian champion. He won a gold medal in '36 for the Hungarian water polo team in Munich. I hope I'll be as together as he is when I'm in my 50s. Here's his portrait http://news.3am.net/sandor-tarics

Ahhh, relief. The Random Excellence posts are what hooked me on this forum way back in the beginning. Every time I click the bookmark for this site I hope to see a Random Excellence post. Thanks for making my day.


These portraits are very Avedon, no? I assume a very intentional tribute.

Winter is a terrific portrait photographer. I always enjoy his work (and the Times publishes a lot of it).

Thanks for this. Terrific photos. I especially like Alice Coachman, who reminds me of my mother.

BTW, reading your post planted a Sonny Rollins ear worm in my head. Thanks for that, too. Humming "St. Thomas" isn't a bad way to start the week.

When austerity began to bite and people started to question the costs of the upcoming Olympic games people looked back to last time London hosted the games and how they managed costs in 1948.
The athletes "village" was a recently abandoned prisoner of war camp. They saved money on the female athletes formal wear by sending patterns and material to them and expecting them to make their own.
The British athletes were still on rations, I think they got a small uplift during the games but one British athlete mentioned that he would hang around the Americans at lunch as they got big packed lunches and they always left something!
None of these ideas took off..

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