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Sunday, 29 July 2012


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Wait!!! Wait!!!!! We've forgotten "Southern Pacific"!!! Especially the International Harvesters versions. Sends a chill down my spine everytime.....

Can I include Buffalo Springfield songs? Because I am.
"Expecting to Fly".

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:



Great post. Could list 10 favourite albums...Rust Never sleeps, On the Beach, Heart of Gold..etc

I saw Neil at Bonnaroo last year when he got together with Crosby, Stills and Nash and they did Rocking in the Free World...they were on fire! It was grea.

Also saw Ray Lamontagne...is he popular in the US...lovely voice.

Anyway tonight I am going to have a Neil Young night and play my favourites..thanks Mike.


Harvest Moon is my personal favorite. With it's swaying melody and gentle lyrics, I can listen to it over and over again.

This was a great post but I didn't see "Cowgirl in the sand" mentioned anywhere. Clearly one of his best.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse LIve at Fillmore East. The wife and I regularly commute between Albuquerque and So. Cal on the I-40 and a trip wouldn't be complete without at least one listen to this album off the iPod (once for each direction). Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere is so fitting as we pass through the high desert on the way to and from Flag. And Cowgirl in the Sand on the 700 Watt Sony in our truck -- magic!

I'm dating myself here, but I remember watching Neil Young on "Austin City Limits" when I was quite young. On the show with him was Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. My parents were watching for Waylon and Willie, but I was stunned by Neil Young. His vocals, to me, were fascinating. He showed me that there was a whole world out there beyond the world of country music (which I was not all that impressed by). I remember asking "who is this guy?" and I asked because I was enthralled. My mom took it like I was impatient for the next act.

Little did I know, my dad had a few Neil Young albums just waiting for me to discover. And more! Bob Dylan too! This was the gateway to the music that I love.

Top 10? Sorry, couldn't stop at 10! In no particular order...

- Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
- Walk On
- Helpless
- Expecting to Fly
- After the Gold Rush
- Harvest Moon
- Lookout Joe
- Tired Eyes
- Thrasher
- Sail Away
- Powderfinger
- Walk On
- Ambulance Blues
- On The Beach
- Long May You Run

If not 'Harvest Moon', then you have no soul.

For years I thought the snotty guy from the Mynah Birds I had words with was Neil Young. Turns out he and Bruce Palmer had already split for LA after selling the bands PA to finance their trip. Explains the snotty guy's crankiness. Some years later I played with the Mynah Birds drummer. I never asked him if he was a fan of Neils music but I know he wasn't a fan of Neil the person.

"If not 'Harvest Moon', then you have no soul."

I don't care for "Harvest Moon" (although I don't hate it). Too slick and smooth for me. Gives me the feeling like I have to go get all the maple syrup off me after I hear it. [g]

If you like it, you'll like "Midnight on the Bay" too. And "Hangin' on a Limb." And J.J. Cale's "Magnolia." And you'll like Dylan's "Nashville Skyline" better than most other Dylan. And....


Possibly Ambulance Blues...

For me, the CD reissue of 'On The Beach' was the most important cultural event of the last decade!

I could never narrow a "list of best of Neil Young" down to ten songs. Neil was second only to Bob Dylan as the best lyricist of the second half of the twentieth century. Rock had changed the focus of music from melody to rhythm and accompaniment but Neil composed beautiful melodies. It took a little time for me to get past his voice but that also happened for me with Dylan and Fagen.

The only artist that I have more songs from in my music collection than Neil Young is Van Morrison but Van is all about mood and isn't in the same class as Neil Young as a Lyricist.

Geffen Records sued Young because the albums Young was submitting to Geffen didn't sound like Neil Young music. Young counter sued saying his contract promised no creative interference from the label. David Geffen later apologized to Young and the suit was dropped.

Picked-up a used copy of "Sugar Mountain-Live at the Canterbury House 1968", at the Princeton Record Exchange. The album was recorded live at Michigan University Ann Arbor, MI in 1968 and released in 2008. My favorite is "Broken Arrow". It's very hard to pick the ten best, as I have so many favs mostly from the early years.

Admittedly late to the party but I've just gotta add my top eleven. (We're talking Neil Young here; ten would be too neat and concise!)
In chronological order, 'cuz it's already tough enough narrowing down the vast field without also having to rank 'em:

Cowgirl In the Sand
I Believe In You
Don't Be Denied
World On A String
*Mellow My Mind/Roll Another Number (For the Road)/Albuquerque
Revolution Blues
Barstool Blues
Long May You Run
**Four Strong Winds
White Line
Harvest Moon

*I consider this a suite -- they're thematically of a piece, hang out next to each other on the record and, c'mon, can you really stop listening after one or even two of these tracks? That said, if I had a gun to my head I'd have to pick Albuquerque.
**Didn't you say fave Neil Young songs? Well, this is "merely" a cover so can't possibly toward my quota, right...?

Oh, Neil Young - what a vexed theme. While my #10 would be Sounthern Man, I recognise it does not work for a lot of people. At the same time, a good friend used to be really fond of Harvest Moon, which simply failed to register with me.

Interestingly, if you listen to some of the older stuff put out by the Drive-By Truckers, they are really keen in following the idea (if not necessarily the music) of Neil Young.

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