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Thursday, 12 July 2012


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A few quotes from Amazon's Dpreview: "The GX1 is an extremely satisfying camera to use...When viewed from the perspective of an upgrade to the much-loved GF1, we're hard-pressed to find areas in which the GX1 does not either maintain the positive attributes of the earlier camera or offer significant improvement...[Matches] the highest resolution of any current Micro Four Thirds camera. Improved image processing produces the most impressive high ISO JPEG performance we have seen in any Micro Four Thirds offering from Panasonic or Olympus...Simply put, the GX1 is a camera that gets a whole lot right."


Curse you, Mike Johnston!!! (waving tiny little hands in protest)


GX1 is a very nice camera that was passed over by many primarily (I think) because of cost. The G3 has the same sensor in a DSLR form with a built-in EVF at an initial price that was almost half of the initial price of the GX1 combined with the add-on EFV.

Having owned both cameras, I much preferred the GX1 primarily due to the form. And I agreed with DPReview that the GX1 images were a tad better than the G3.

At the current price, the GX1 seems a good deal, however eye-level shooters will need to be spend about $200 for an EVF.

The GX1 is my current walk-about camera, following the GF1, which sold me on the format. I really like what it does-but I've not gone over the edge and dumped all the DSLR equipment I own. This is a really good deal-but I'd want the EVF as well.

This is a great price ! I bought the GX-1 earlier this year for full price from Amazon.. Ugh ! Getting one at this discounted price is a no brainer if you are sitting on the fence about whether to get one or not.

With the EVF it is a winner. I am glad I have one but hate the fact that the prices on digital cameras can fall so far in only months. My two cents worth...

Best Wishes,

I just got the much-loved Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 48 hours ago, for my GF3. In a perfect world (one in which I had a money tree in full bloom in the backyard) this would be a perfect step up! But as the discretionary funds have been so recently depleted, I can only suggest that if any of you reading this have had the urge to try MFT, in a small form factor, this is a killer deal! (The GF3, BTW, is no slouch itself, and can be had for the same price or less bundled with the very nice 14mm Panasonic wide prime.)

curses: i now own a gx1 (once it gets here). hope you get your cut from the clickthru ....

I have the G3 but ordered this GX1 body anyway... it's just too attractive at this price. BTW, B&H and Adorama both have the LVF-2 EVF for the GX1 in stock at $159, which is the lowest I have ever seen it.

How lucky are you americans, who can get their hands on these deals! Ok, as European, I could get it, but there's customs.

I've been thinking that if I get a new Digital camera, it will be a m4/3. I can get an EPL1 for a good price here, at the other side of the pond. But the deals aren't that plentiful and good here, seems. Anyways, I'm saving money due to work uncertainities...

But oh, there's my personal dilemma to go m4/3 or Medium format (film).

Thanks for posting the discount! I finally gave in the ordered one from Amazon. Found the EVF on B&H for $159.

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