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Sunday, 22 July 2012



Are you a highlander? First, Rob Galbraith shuts down. Now, a hiatus for Michael Reichmann. I assure you, there CAN be more than one photo blog!

Also, my best for a speedy recovery to MR.

Get well soon Michael!

God bless.

Get well Soon Mr. MR.

Yuda - That put pictures in my head of Mike, David Hobby, and Kirk Tuck running around with swords and long hair... *shudder*

get well soon Michael

And I should add (and should have mentioned in the first place) that like everyone else, I hope Mr. Reichmann makes a speedy recovery and gets back to shooting and to providing such a great site.

Visited LL yesterday and learnt the sad news. I read LL time to time and enjoy it.

Good luck Michael.

All the best Michael! You have been a constant inspiration since I first discovered your site, the video journal and video tutorials. Get well soon and keep on inspiring. Last, but not least, when are we going to get a book with photographs from your long career?

My thoughts and prayers go out to Michael and all the others who suffer from cancer. I wish for a speedy recovery for everyone.

I also wish him a quick recovery. I regularly visit his site for news, product reviews and articles, but it is to his credit that his forums attract people with serious technical know-how from whom people like me with a lot less knowledge can learn from; in particular, that is the first place to go to when my HP Z3100 printer is acting strangely.


don't forget than one of them will speak with a scottish accent, despite being born and raised in the USA : ]


In the UK it's now common practise to discharge patients back to their homes as soon as possible, as I have found with our NHS. It has worked well for me; there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed in your own home to make you feel better.

I hope that you can spend most of your recovery at home. Good luck!


Dear Michael

Wishing you well. As a Family doctor may I say that the habit of getting people home quickly is great for those who have the help and back up needed .... however I am reminded of the 88 year old lady transferred home in VERY rural north Devon who had been sent home after a hip operation to a home with what in the north of England we would have called an " outside netty" 100 yards down the bottom of her garden ... not ideal after a hip replacement.
So I would say hope you got home at the right time for you .... and that you can be held in the care of those you love and who love you. Speedy return to health ....Tom

Wishing you speedy and complete recovery, Michael!

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