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Thursday, 21 June 2012


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Damn! I thought I'd managed to disable this webcam...

And do I get extra points if I come more than once a day?

Thank you.

So true...

You are so right!

Have a nice time off.

"And do I get extra points if I come more than once a day?"

That just means you are EXTRA good looking.


You just covered all the points that my wife has been overlooking lately. I feel better. Feel free to come back early, if you want to...

enjoy your time in hiatus. See you when you get back :)

Wait, there are people who check in as rarely as once a day? That explains a lot! Most of the mailing lists and newsgroups and forums I follow need multiple checks a day to avoid being swamped, and my habits lead me to checking here at the same time. Leaving me feeling that TOP is rather slow-moving, much of the time.

I am hoping that TOP withdrawal will not be as horrible as I am anticipating. I look look forward to your return but please enjoy your "down for maintenance" time with great gusto.


Takes One to Know One!

Now If we reduce my age and raise yours a tad,
then we'd both be even better looking!

"And do I get extra points if I come more than once a day?"

That just means you are EXTRA good looking.



You're only saying that 'cos I'm a middle aged, slightly overweight, bearded bloke who likes photography!

It's all true, though!

: {)>

Are you telling us that the entire organization takes off at the same time?

Dear Mike,

After a week's worth of posts through Wednesday—thank you—and probably at least another 7 posts by Monday, TOP's HQ and Outposts sure deserve a break.

May you return from your brief retreat recharged, resolved, and refocused!

Meanwhile, the archives beckons to me (November 2011 and beyond)...

What do you mean by "probably" good looking?

"What do you mean by 'probably' good looking?"

I can't see you. You do know that, right? ;-)


I know, I know. But when I come by its always yesterday at TOP when it's today here in Sydney

The people who are REALLY intelligent use an RSS aggregator (I use Google Reader) and come here when you post something new. :)

I'll tell that bloke in the mirror tomorrow morning. Don't be surprised if he sends you a thank you.

OK about wonderful, intelligent and having good taste, but "good looking"? That's not what my wife thinks, she says that I lately look like a ... whale!!!!

Have fun!

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