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Monday, 25 June 2012


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"Stay off the Internet? Can you do that? Amusingly, I'm not sure. We shall see."

Ha! I knew you couldn't do it!

You left out, "..and you sing well too."

Mike, if you are reading this, you didn't make it and are back on the Internet. Now, go and get your projects done!

Dave and Dennis,
It's still Monday. ;-)


I see a lack of confidence in (d), I'm sure we are all good looking, at least on a photograph.
BTW, You left out the most important "and you're a great photographer" but maybe it would look too phony at this point!

Well, it's Tuesday here already!!

I was with you until the singing...

ur a hoot

oh man . . .

Enjoy your lacuna.

'Twill only be a lacuna for thee.

Man, I think I am really technically clinically a HOARDER. Have I ever got my work cut out for me. One rule that starts right now...NO MORE STUFF COMES INTO THIS HOUSE! There is plenty of stuff in it already, no need for more. Just rafts, reefs, drifts of CRAP.

Okay, now I really do need to get off the computer. (This is going to be a difficult withdrawal....)


Well, you're a great photographer. :-)


Enjoy your break Mike. I'll miss my TOP installments for the next week and a bit. But I'll appreciate them a LOT more when they do resume.

It's now Tuesday afternoon here (15:35 hrs UTC+10, 26th June), and the clothes are nicely drying on the line.

I'm looking forward to seeing this post in eight-days. But if it were me, I wouldn't be at home _and_ off the internet for that long.

The only times I've been off-line for prolonged periods, there has been NO connection within cooee.

Since you won't be back until after July 4-- happy Independence Day in advance! May your break be productive.

"I've even decided to stay off the Internet for the interval."

Think of it as Lent, or Ramadan, or any regular spiritual fasting--a time to allow the body to heal and the mind to clear.

Would it be in poor taste to start a betting pool on when you break and post a new post? ;)

Quick, folks, now we can say what we want about Mike while he's not looking... em, wait a minute while I think about that...

Well, I for one will miss you while you're gone. Come back soon, ya hear?

just as long as the joyful nudes continue to change . . . .

Enjoy your unhoarding. Do not respond to this post as we'll all know you can't withdraw from the web. I know you can do it.

FYI: The Subaru BR-Z and the Toyota GT-86 arrived here in Switzerland last weekend. I've seen 3 of the Subarus move and at least 12 of the Toyotas. The dealers change their showroom models daily. These things start at ~$42,000 here. I live on the top of a hill outside Lugano, where the road up is a series long straights and slow switchbacks: Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, and AMG test drives (double. triple. quadruple the speed limit) are not uncommon. The Toyotas have been the cars I've seen most. You're not alone: even the conservative Swiss love this car.

I hope you've enjoyed your vacation. (Please take all the breaks that you need to keep the good stuff coming to us!)


It's now the 5th here in Australia...... where are ya?????

Just kidding.... hope you're having a great break.

"blow up your TV, throw away your paper, move to the country, build you a home"
John Prine (written pre-web)

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