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Saturday, 16 June 2012


I take heart in the fact that such a majority of great artists were/are so ordinary looking.


As a person who was unintentionally named after the fecund sexton of the book, Happy Bloomsday to all.

On the theme of twisted literary executors, we will have Paul Zukofsky long after Stephen Joyce, unfortunately.

The name of one of my favorite authors' (Anthony Burgess) studies of one of my favorite authors (James Joyce) is "Re Joyce."

In economics, rent-seeking is an attempt to obtain economic rent by manipulating the social or political environment in which economic activities occur, rather than by creating new wealth ...

In this case, rent found.

Ah yes, but Stephen Joyce is no Dmitri Nabokov.

Your post makes me feel not quite so alone in having had my traditional Bloomsday breakfast of the grilled kidneys of lambs - albeit NOT urine-scented.

Remembering Trieste's favourite son.


Mike, I just used your amazon.de link to buy the Kindle version of Ulysses. It was €0,00 however.

Seems like it has been on Gutenberg for a while.

Hi Mike, I don't know if you were aware but BBC Radio 4 in the UK (that's sort of intellectual radio, for anyone who doesn't know it) did a whole day yesterday where they read the entire book, at the times specified, you could probably catch the podcasts if you like, I heard about three episodes yesterday whilst driving around, and not having encountered Ulysses I really enjoyed what I heard. An interesting listen for anyone who has read the book (or anyone who doesn't read so much)

"Mike, I just used your amazon.de link to buy the Kindle version of Ulysses. It was €0,00 however."

Yeah but I get a percentage of that.

--Mike the Internet Tycoon

For some reason, that photo brought Tom Stoppard's "Travesties" to mind.

You should post Berenice Abbott's great portrait of Joyce, as well. Nice to see this unfamiliar (to me) one, though.

"Mike the Internet Tycoon"

You do realize that we may now be compelled to address you as MIT.

Well, finished my coffee, off to do some street shooting along the Sunset Strip. As Robbie Robertson said, "That sure brings back some ghosts".


You are doing it again. Now I know another word for my random walks and explorations.

Ehrenzweig's portrait just reinforces my opinion that Berenice Abbott was a stud. I mean, I know, everybody has seen the picture so many times that they just think that's what Joyce looked like, but there's a reason for that.

James Joyce. The portrait.

Richard Tugwell notes: "It was on a short visit here to treat his eyesight—after success had come his way—that he contracted the illness which killed him."

Long ago I was part of the Joyce industry, and it was then thought that JJ left Paris for Zurich to escape the Nazi occupation, and that he died there of a perforated ulcer, probably the result of his lifelong alcoholism.

Leslie Hancock - yes, that's true. I guess you don't contract a perforated ulcer.. (I blame the editor... ;-)


Helicobacter Pylori can (in theory) be contracted but I doubt wether that changes anything......

Greetings, Ed

Yes Mike,15$ in amazon and free in youtube.

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