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Thursday, 07 June 2012


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I've spent many a night crashed out on my backseat at a rest stop. Hotel rooms are for sissies ha ha.

This reminds me that I should get to the local drive-in in Avon, NY, before it's gone. Both for watching and photographing.


Being 31 I did not live through the most popular days of drive-in movie theaters. However we are lucky around these parts to have TWO popular drive-in theaters that have double features; much cheaper movie ticket than a Regal. The Glen Twin Drive-in, where I take my Tivoli Pal to replace the steel speaker for superior audio (plus I am always paranoid about draining my car battery). We also have the Malta Drive-in which is a little farther but satisfies those who live closer to Saratoga Springs and Albany.

The oil boom effect caught my wife and I last summer when we drove from California to Minnesota to visit #1 daughter and s-i-l.

At least, driving straight through from Kalispell, MT almost to Minnesota before we found a place in Jamestown, ND.

I figure it's a good reason for a bit of inconvenience. (We camped out on the way back, being in no rush to get anywhere in particular.)

@eric I think Carl buys the hotel room for his cameras, which appear to fill the entire back of the car.


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