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Sunday, 13 May 2012


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A note for other non-US viewers: although this isn't viewable outside the US, a proxy service (Hotspot Shield etc.) gets around that very easily...

Matthew - probably gets you on the CIA terrorist register into the bargain

I wonder what it is. I can't see it on my iPad.

Sorry for the limited access. It's Seth Myers' "Fake News Editorial" titled "Really!?!" from Saturday Night Live last night...about the TIME cover. Pretty funny.


Here's the link for Canadians: http://www.globaltv.com/saturdaynightlive/video/full+episodes/weekend+update+51212/video.html?v=2234207739&p=2&s=dd#saturdaynightlive/video/full+episodes


Well, it's cool to see there is actually something here! I originally looked at this page on my Ipad, and there is just a blank spot below (weekend updates). Just figured Mike was making a statement! :)

Undoubtedly the most famous photograph Martin Schoeller will ever make. It will appear next to his eventual obituary.

Here is a youtube link:


Greetings from Rome.

for what it's worth, the paparazzi are now following this woman:


wonder if she's regretting posing for this shot yet.

So-called humour in our world isn't the humour of old any more. Maybe I am a prude.

That noted there are some things that simply don't belong on the front (or inside) covers of publications.

To me, this 100 percent trash!
But then Time "is" known oftimes as "Slime!"

No SNL for us Europeans allas.......ah what the heck I don't understand the fus you Americans make over everyday life anyway :-).

Greetings, Ed.

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