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Wednesday, 09 May 2012


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Received my Paris skyline print yesterday. Wonderful, and thank you, Peter & Voja.

Got my prints here in Norway yesterday. They are really wonderful!

Got my Paris print today! Beautiful. It will be a birthday gift and the medium for informing my wife we are going to Paris next month.

Got my beautiful prints 2 days ago here in Taiwan, will get them framed this weekend!

got my print in sweden today. OMG! thank you mike and peter for making this possible!

I got mine yesterday. I'm very excited to get it framed and on the wall. Thank you so much Peter, Voja, and Mike!

My Turnley print has arrived, etc. I need to admire it some more, in more various lights; I'm clearly going to appreciate it even more over time. Thanks to Peter, Voja, Mike, and everybody else who worked to make this happen.

Meanwhile, this is going to have to kick off rather a batch of framing activity; I'm behind.

Got mine today! Gorgeous! So happy!

Yes ! Just received mine in France today, afater having the shipping confirmation early last week.
I'll have to wait until this evening to open the parcel - it's a gift for my wife.
Thanks Mike for this opportunity, and thanks a lot to Peter & Voja of course !
It seems i'm not the only one behind my framings ; i guess this one will have priority though.

Cheers !

Mine arrived here in Australia today! Thank you.

Beautifully packed, breath-holdingly unwrapped, breath-taking to behold... An amazing feat of international collaborations.

Mal - west aust

Mine is out for delivery, just in time for my wife's birthday on Monday. Looking forward to it.

Beautiful photographs, beautiful printing, beautiful prints.

'nuff said.

pax / Ctein

My prints arrived safe and sound in the UK today - thanks very much Peter, Voya and all concerned!

Dave Sculthorpe, Bristol UK

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