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Tuesday, 08 May 2012


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Well that's fun, Mike! Congratulations for running such a popular, engaging, and informative blog for so long. Would you have imagined such a future when you started it?

What would have happened if the 100,000th comment was "Farts."

As always, thank you- for continuing to provide this most welcoming and informative venue.

PS- Fortunately, the former would make you a most lousy doorman.

I'm Q, and so is my wife!

/do i win? ;-)

That's also 100,000 comments you've moderated. Or more, I imagine.

"That's also 100,000 comments you've moderated. Or more, I imagine."

Yup, I've read every one.


Dang! And it was maybe my 4th comment in 5 years.

Ken and I exchanged emails a while back over almost identical photos we each took at the Art Institute... and they (well, all the detectives in mystery novels do) say there is no such thing as coincidence.

Thanks, Mike!

For some reason, never thought anybody
would count the number of comments received
over a given period of time. It just seems frivolous.
Small things amuse small minds?

That is *at least* 100,000 mouseclicks for you, Mike. Watch out for RSI!

Congratulations, Q!

"Watch out for RSI!"

It crops up from time to time. I have a padded mouse pad, an ergonomic keyboard propped up on books for more angle, a chair that took me several (expensive) tries to find, and coated glasses specifically corrected for 20 inches. Even so I have to watch my posture and do exercises every day. My desk dates from 1940 and is literally falling apart, but I'm worried that if I replace it it will throw everything else off....


Wasn't the dog watching when the ballons were placed?

"never thought anybody would count the number of comments received over a given period of time."

The software counts the comments, not me.


Congratulations, Mike. You have created a great website. Part of the TOP experience is your breadth of photographic experience and skill as a writer. Another part is your use of moderated comments, particularly featured comments, though which we experience the considered views of others, even if they disagree with you. Through the comments we experience community, and community enriches our lives. Thank you.

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