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Saturday, 26 May 2012


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The one thing I would love is the ability to see updates to this site on Twitter.

How about getting an intern to assist? Unpaid but earning experience. A local very popular State politics blog does some of his admin duties with intern assistance. They stay through an academic period and move on, much the wiser, with experience on their resume. Win-win situation. A thought.


"Interrogations", photographs by Donald Weber, review and interview by Jim Casper at http://www.lensculture.com/weber

by Donald Weber
176 pages
Paperback, 9.3 in x 7 in
Schilt Publishing
December 2011
ISBN: 978-9053307595


"This work stopped me cold the first time I saw it. It looked terrifyingly real...but soon I came to realize that these are indeed real photographs of real interrogations of suspected criminals in Ukraine." -- Jim Casper

Donald Weber Photographer VII Photo: http://donaldweber.com/

I've done the (electrical) maintenance crew thing. It's not unusual to be expected to fix everything right now, with something I found in my back pocket.

I do a little maintenance work now and the back pocket clause applies, but as it's voluntary work and they don't have any money to spare, I don't worry. It stretches the mind. They accept that with their tiny budget the old, "Quick, cheap or good, choose any two" question "quick" is not often to be had.

Wow, that contact page is inspirational. I've got to do something like that asap!

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