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Saturday, 19 May 2012


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Yeah, but Donna Summer passed away and you didn't even mention it..

: (

But disco was over even before that happened.


Mikey, Donna was so much bigger than disco..watch some recent live shows, she was a total pro with an incredible voice..made everything look effortless with no melismatic attacks. Just sayin'.

I'm perceiving a bit of "thread drift" here. Maybe it's just me....


Smokin' price for anyone looking to get into the format. I have a G3 and an Oly E-PM1, so I need not get in line. But make sure you give us a heads-up when the E-P3 goes for a price like that.

Meanwhile, I must ponder the merits of Pentax's new K30 as a possible pairing with my K5. This is a bigger question than it first appears. For me, it's a question of continuing my long-time DSLR kit (9 lenses, all Pentax) or letting it go and focusing solely on mirrorless (as in micro four thirds).

oh, Im pretty sure Donna had a micro 4/3's camera, almost positive because she was a revolutionary person..just like you.

: )

wow, this is just a few bucks below the price on B&H for the lens alone.

Buy a lens, get a free camera. Seems like a good deal to me. ;-)

I got it when it was $420 because I was interested in the lens and having a back-up body doesn't hurt.

The lens is awesome!! In the same league of the 20mm f1.7. And the body is lovely. The sensor won't let you down unless you are printing *huge* sizes (totally fine for 13x19", which is the largest I typically print). The only thing I complain about the body is the lack of IS.

I was very happy with my purchase at $420. For $100 less, this is a no-brainer.


Kind of off topic here. The 14mm 2.5 is also being sold out for cheap by various Ebay sellers. The lenses are new but stripped out of Panasonic camera kits. I picked one up for $167 + $7.00 shipping.

And if you like micro 4/3 camera's like me, you can take them to the hilt with stitching software like Autopano Pro.....made a 390 Mpixel pano with a GF1 today (using a 40 year old Gitzo cine head as a panoramadevice). Totaly crazy I know, but if I want to print 1 by 4 meters and still maintain 300 dpi resolution.....no problemo (as Alf would have pu it).

BTW, for those that own a Novoflex micro 4/3 to something else connector, Novoflex has introduced a nifty lens cradle to go with it, so the GF3 can be coupled to heavy artilery like a 80-200 Nikon F4.0 whithout cradle of it's own without risking bajonet damage.


Does anyone have any experience with this contraption since it is high on my GAS list.

Greetings, Ed

Echoing Ken White's comment... At around $170 for dekitted copies on ebay, this lens is an incredible bargain. Making it really interesting, Panasonic has started shipping the DMW-GWC1 wide converter that transforms the 14mm into a 11mm f/2.5. Initial user reports are promising. That runs $130. For the price of the lens new at major retailers, you can have both.

Yeah, and Amazon sent me an email about this bargain, but when I took the bait, refuses to sell it to me because I'm not in the USA. Thanks guys. NOT.

I leveraged a friend in the US to get me one. :)

Roger from LensRentals.com just reviewed a bunch of wide-angle m4/3 lenses here: http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2012/05/wide-angle-micro-43-imatest-results which pretty much confirmed for me that this lens is an absolute bargain, especially when compared to the 12mm. Nice to round out the wide, normal, tele trifecta at last.

Thanks Mike.

(Now for that OM-D... which will have to wait until the cashflow of wedding season starts back up.)

I didn't pick up this post until 10.45pm Mountain Time. Assumed that I'd be out of luck, but no - they're still selling at that price. Took about 20 seconds to decide this was my entry point into Micro 4/3. Many thanks, Mike.

In the UK, there's £50 (or 60 Euros) cashback on some UK stock Panasonic cameras and/or lenses, until the end of May. With cashback deducted, this package is available for about £270.

Just after the lens? - Park Cameras were selling it for £199.99, and it qualifies for £50 cashback too.

After this post, I have finally succumbed to the temptations of the m4/3 system - The above lens with an Olympus E-PL2. In-body stabilisation being the main reason for choosing the Oly. It's only a matter of time before the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7, and Olympus 45mm f/1.8 will be added to the "take everywhere" bag.

I bought that lens instead of the 12mm Zuiko because it is very small and light, much cheaper, and really almost as good. And only half a stop slower. And that camera is actually a nice one. Round shape makes it fit easy in the pocket and the touch screen works well for control. Probably the best true pocket camera, at least until the GF-5 came.

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