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Monday, 02 April 2012


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You said you hadn't set up a proper e-commerce platform because you're lazy. I submit that the way you do it is actually much more work.

Not something to think about now, I'm sure, but after the dust settles from this sale, and long before the next sale looms.

Thanks for the hard work, Mike!

If only he'd done it with an S mount, I might have believed him.

Surely when genuine silver gelatin prints are at stake, the accounting should be done with a fountain pen. When the daguerreotype (thanks to apple for spelling that correctly) print offer comes up, I guess it should be with a dip pen. Have fun - admin has always been my least favorite work.

Spreadsheet for a print sale?
This might help:

Since email orders can be tabulated anywhere, you could hire a temp and pay in prints. Someone with little money and much time might do it.

Not me though, I've got neither.

As they might say in Paris, "Après moi, le déluge."

Very glad to hear the sale is going well, means TOP should be around a little while longer at least!

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