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Monday, 30 April 2012


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Finally, pet pictures that I want to look at. Excellent!

Dogs will do anything, show me pix of cats diving in the water for balls and I'll be impressed. But yes, very sweet and fwd'd to some doggy loving chums.

Grant may not have seen these on TOP:


Most dogs are nicer than most people....

Weeeeeeee! - Bernd and Hilla Becher - eat your heart out!

(No offence to the departed)

This broke a while back Johnston. I'm thinking those carpet fibres are causing interference on the servers there at T.O.P. world headquarters. Joking apart, it's kinda gimmicky, but as "hooks" go, it's a good one- and nice photos too. Given (re-hammering a point here) the sheer volume of images produced globally, hourly, it almost seems that there's really no way of getting ahead or producing a saleable body of work that has mainstream appeal without a "hook". No sour grapes though, it's a very cool idea, well executed, I hope hope he makes a million dollars. And if you're reading this, Seth, perhaps you'd consider making a contribution to the "Toms new D800/E fund". I have an idea for a book about Irish girls :)

Brilliant or as Scooby would say "rilliant!"


Instant favorite in our doggie home, although my basset said that there was no way I was doing that to her.

You think he looks so funny because he is squinting cause the water makes the ball blurry to him?

Or just cause dogs are funny cute looking anyway?

That is a doggone brilliant idea. (No rotten tomatoes, please.)

Dogs open their eyes under water! Who knew?

Wow. It's hard to imagine how much more "wild eyed" they would look going after a juicy T-bone. (or an arm!)

Best pics I've seen for ages, Thanks Mike and thanks Debby!

Wonderful. These photos seem to get at the essence of how awesome being a dog is. Dogs appear to simply love being dogs!

I've just spent the past week looking at a few of the best public and private collections of photography in the U.S., perhaps the planet. Oh how I (and my colleagues) would have delighted at coming across one of Seth's wonderful creative images in the midst of an unending stream of extremely valuable, yet uniformly un-humorous, prints.

Thank you Mike...and Seth!

P.S. My wife thanks Seth, too! She is quite involved with animal shelter work.

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