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Thursday, 05 April 2012


I'd be curious to see an example of a photograph that doesn't show life, the world, or truth. I can't think of one.

Interesting that you selected "Circus School" out of the sets on the web site! I thing "We Still Make Stuff Here" is much superior (maybe I just like machines -- I definitely like the contrast of machines with people) and I like several of the other sets more!

It takes all kinds to make a world, doesn't it?

Mike, for the most part I've always lived where you live with life, world and truth holding sway in the photographs I like and the photos I make. But artists like Jeff Wall have added a layer or two for me, and no, I don't like many of his pieces.

You're not thinking hard enough. I'm not going to give examples because I don't think it's fair to single out specific practitioners to illustrate general criticisms.


Where did I say I liked one set better than the others? I didn't. I'm suggesting people visit the site and look at the work, that's all.


Mike, I'm curious. Could you give us an example of what type of photograph makes you, "impatient"?


An interesting bit of documentary work here. Well done Michael Poster. Of course there have been many bodies of circus docs produced in the past 60+ years. Training attention on the backwater of acrobatic training is a bit unique but completely in-line with the new style of today's circuses.

"...sometimes art museums actually make me a tiny bit angry with what passes for "photography" in some cases." Me too. But I don't think this belongs in a major museum.

Thank you for this. This is the type of photography to which I aspire. This is the photography that I relate to and that speaks to me. Michael's work best exemplifies why I shoot, why I am interested in photography. I do not have his skills, but this gives me something to aim for, something to have in mind as a milestone and source of inspiration. I'm not knocking the type of art gallery photography which you mention. I admire that approach a great deal, but it is not me, and I sometimes feel a million miles away when I compare that type of work with my own, very alienated, like I don't measure up. There is an honesty Michael's work, a simplicity that reveals truth...not an easy thing to accomplish, especially when so many others seem interested in adding layers to their work (photoshop or otherwise). Thanks again.

Many thumbs up. Thanks for the link. I particularly like the picture you posted and the one two places after it (upside down lady in rectangular frame).

(And the juggler with the three coloured balls.)

"Photography to me is about life, the world, and truth."

We all like what we like and likely aspire to creating photographs of a particular and personal style, subject matter etc, but I gotta say the above is a pretty narrow view for a site that is ostensibly about photography. In literature, it's often fiction that conveys more truths and says more about the human condition than biography. The same with most art forms. From its earliest days photography has been a pretty broad church ... to me its diversity and gamut of expression is its main attraction.

"Photography to me is about life, the world, and truth."

That's a gem, Mike.

Perhaps it could serve as your creed, and be placed somewhere prominent on TOP as a means of orienting readers to your approach to photography.

A small point, but in noticing how Michael laid out the vertical images with the horizontal images, I was reminded again how there's a tyranny of the landscape format over monitors and other screens that I really don't like. I suppose there's no hope of it ever changing. At least we can have square books.

I didn't say you liked it better, Mike! Just that you "selected" it. I'm probably just logic-chopping at this point.

Thank you for pointing us to this work, as always, you are a reliable source.

Beautiful photos and a refreshingly simple and elegant website. I wish more photographers' websites were that clean and easy to use, including mine... (heads off to re-design website)

Mike -- how about, for an example, something from your own oeuvre which people liked for the wrong reasons?

Thanks Mike. Michael's site is now bookmarked.


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