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Saturday, 14 April 2012


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Hine is, in my consideration, one of the greatest American photographers. Not only because of his incredible skill - one of the first to use flash - but because he was one of the earliest and strongest documentarians ever. His pictures of children working in slave-like conditions still hold up today and represent one of the greatest triumphs in photography. Using powerful photos to shed light on a great American injustice. It is shocking to know that he died penniless and in great debt and that his work was almost lost. Here is another wonderful quote: “With a picture sympathetically interpreted, what a lever we have for social uplift.”

Actually it is quite possible to photograph people. The problem is that the results aren't very appealing to look at.

Took me more than a minute Mike, but I prefer your version. Quite sage!

I always thought that he said "I have always been more interested in parsons than people". No problem parsing that! Goff

I'm with Mr Swift. Especially true of internet forums which show humanity at its worst, average and best in a single thread...

It's funny how the average blend out, the good encourage you to stay, but the ones you really remember are the idiots!

To be kind and famous takes rare genius. To be a bastard and famous takes no skill at all, which probably explains why its often the preferred method.

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