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Sunday, 01 April 2012


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Seeing these pictures had an odd effect on me. I don't want to buy them (although they are lovely) -- they make me want to go to Paris and take pictures.

I hate to so blatantly plug myself, but whenever I see Peter Turnley's "Lovers" I think of one of my own shots from Rome in 1998:

...but it's not like I'll ever get Voja Mitrovic to make a print of that, so I might just have to partake of this print sale. (Confirmation to come...)

I have of course ordered a print, but it really is a shame that you will not ship from Europe. It is not the extra shipping cost that is the problem. The problem is that for something coming from outside EU, Danish customs will add 30-40% taxes plus a handling fee plus let it lay around in customs for weeks...
I am pretty sure it is the same in many EU countries.
Let me say it this way: If you ship from France (without any other taxes) I will buy an extra print!

@ Mike: "tree sloth"

A tree sloth was making his way through the jungle when he was mugged by a gang of marauding snails. He went to the jungle police, and they asked him if he could identify his attackers.
"No, it all happened so fast!" he replied. : ]

My goodness. The onscreen previews alone are already gorgeous, I can only imagine how the prints will look like. I particularly like the one with the man reading the news.

Alas, the prints are beyond my college student's budget. I'll be back when I finally have a decent income, I promise.

In the mean time, keep up the great work, and may you always be blessed with good light!

Congratulations on organising a second sale of Voja Mitrovic's marvellous prints of Peter's unique photographic work. I wish you all the best in delivering many of these stunning works of art to as wide an audience as possible.

I have produced black and white prints in the traditional darkroom since the 1970s but I stopped some years ago once I had convinced myself that I could produce better prints with my current film capture, scanning, photoshop-tweaking and inkjet printing process.

This was until I first experienced one of Voja's prints of Peter's work close up. You may be able to appreciate essential aspects of the qualities of these photographs from the web representations available here on TOP but nothing can prepare you for the experience of handling and viewing one of these magnificent prints.

The only thing holding me back from re-opening the wet darkroom is my sober realisation that I would never be able to produce anything like this so I am sticking to my hybrid process.

I feel very fortunate to own several of these Peter Turnley prints. They always attract immediate attention from new visitors and I often find myself stopping in front of one just to take a few moments to be influenced by the beauty and then move on feeling happy and optimistic - often with a smile on my face.

Just wanted to say thanks! To Mike, Peter, and Voja... It will be an honor to own one of these.

Dear Mike and Peter,

I managed to resist the last sale, because, well, the selection didn't quite appeal to me enough. But this time I find myself wanting five. Sigh, there goes the profit from an unexpected sale I made this week...

I'm going in for 3+1!

Now I gotta decide which four.

pax / profligate Ctein

I joined in last time.
I won't miss this one for quids!
Just deciding which one... or maybe...

This is so exciting. Thanks Mike and Peter.

One more vote for "a shame for not shipping from Europe". Just like Jesper I would like to order 4 prints, but am very hesitant because of customs fees and complicated handling.

Heck, if I have to, I'll take care of the distribution within the EU for TOP.

Thanks Mike and Peter for another round. I started to look really hard at my bank account to squeeze those dollars out of it but with duty and tax (and handling) it's still more then I can manage unfortunately.
Problem of course is that if you would send out from France you will have to pay taxes there anyway.

Good luck with the sale.

Somehow I had gathered from a previous post that Peter was working on a new book and that the offering would include some selections from the forthcoming work. I was disappointed to see mere selections from "Parisians" which I have. So while none of my favorites from that book have ever been offered, I'm still considering getting at least one to see what all the fuss is about.

Just in case you are wondering, "tree sloth? what is he on about?", about my previous comment, Mike referred to himself as a tree sloth in a previous version of his post.

Cruelly, he has removed the reference without telling me and has made me look like a fool!

Not that's hard to do... ; ]

Dammit, I wish I had £250 to spend on a print of "Rooftops"

It looks like I may be on an all Ramen diet for the next week or two, but I'm tremendously excited to see my favorite shot from the last print sale make another appearance this time around. Thanks to Mike, Peter and Voja for giving me a second chance!

Rooftops, or Rooftops and Kids, or Rooftops and Kids and Lovers and Glance? (Or sanity...not looking good for sanity.)

I'm pretty poor, but I pulled the trigger on one each. If it will help others, the way I rationalized it is thusly: Spending $1450 on camera gear wouldn't get me 6 great prints.


*sigh* .... pay the bills or buy the photo I've been craving. You know, in a real sense I want one not only because of the image but because I want to see what Voja can do.

Well, someday down the road maybe I can pay a vastly inflated sum to buy rooftops off of one of you guys/gals.

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