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Saturday, 28 April 2012


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I also use this show as motivation to get rid of excess "stuff".

I much prefer that american pickers show.

Unfortunately, the guy holding the camera is not the one making these decisions. He is just trying to keep his job. And as long as people are watching, this is the way these shows are done. The days when high brow documentary style made money are over, at least for the most part.

I watched a couple of episodes after you suggested it on this blog ... and ... well, it had the same effect on me. In my new apartment, all my *stuff* is now in my basement, and my new approach is really minimalist.

There's nothing like a little fear to motivate you!


Doesn't "normative" just mean "normal"? Or are there subtleties of meaning I'm missing?

Hoarders is a tough one to watch. Of all the 3rd rate shows I watch my favorite is North Woods Law. Animal Planet I believe. Law enforcement and the goings on in backwoods Maine where I lived for a few years.

Cop to tough looking Billy who just gets off his Harley. "I want to talk to you about the arrow that went though the that pickup's windshield while driving in front of your trailer. You know that's attempted homicide." All with genuine Maine accents. Gotta love it.

Sounds like the camera man went to the Cindy Sherman show at MoMA! That show was waaaaaay too graphic.

I personally find the A&E version far superior to the TLC version.

I've watched the show, it had little effect on me...

American Pickers does get to me though. Yeah, it's overblown and overdone like all such reality shows - but it reminds me of my years as a bookman, and the thrill of the hunt.

Now is there a show that scares me into getting out and taking more pictures?

I can't watch hoarders anymore..just gets me way to p'd off at those folks and the sheer amount of selfishness and nastiness that they direct at their families in order to be able to pursue their hoardering..Self involvement like that, no matter how sick they are, gets me really jolted.

You have nothing to worry about my friend. If you're even partly concerned when watching the show you don't carry the gene. An acquaintance of mine fills his house with newspapers. It grows until only small aisles allow passage from bathroom to entrance doors. But..... he and his wife sleep in the bathtubs. A kero lantern serves as their heater in the winter. Heating the bathrooms to just above 50F. Every few years a tractor-trailer shows up and carries the newspapers to be sold. Their raingutters supply the water for flushing and bathing. No electricity or city water in the house. He has a full set of tires WITH nice tread in his basement. Once a year at inspection time he installs them on his car. Otherwise all four on the car are bald. He coasts downhill and turns his lights off until he restarts the engine at the bottom of a hill. He collects aluminum, tin, any kind of can or bottle. I've known him for 30 years. He used to work for NASA. Last year he vanished with his wife. The rumor is that he purchased a bank in the Virgin Islands. Some of these hoarders have a plan.......

Unfortunately the link you provided doesn't seem to be available outside of the US.

...our video library can only be streamed within the US...

Virtual borders are more effective than true boundaries. What a pity!

Mike, my son is very good friends with one of the guys that work on the production of this show and I have forwarded the link! Personally I wonder how the crew have the stomach for this!

About camerawork: I've noticed on many TV shows and documentary films, there's a tendency in recent years to film people so not their head, but their *face* fills the entire frame. In HD, this is seldom a nice view, and even young models can look quite disturbing in close-up when they have direct sunlight in their face (what are they thinking? Read a photograph book for beginners), and when you can see every nick and yellow edge in their teeth.

One documentary film was about the Danish pop-rock band Gasolin', which ruled Scandinavia in the seventies. Well, the guys are not that far from their own seventies now, and seeing their miss-kept teeth twoo feet high each on the big screen was not helpful to the nostalgia.

Normative means an ideal standard or model of how something ought to be. A perfect example of something would be normative. Normal means that something falls within an average range.

A normative ball would be perfectly spherical, but a normal ball is not.

It's sort of like the word "standard" which means perfect is commonly used to mean* common*.

*the standard meaning of mean and common are a whole other ball of wax.

"To collect photographs is to collect the world."

- Susan Sontag in On Photography

...that's why everybody needs a garage.

With best regards.


I find it has the opposite effect, acting as a reminder that my small motley of semi-organized photography equipment really isn't that bad after all.

But then again I can see all of the floor, none of our cats is unaccounted for and the very idea of just throwing trash across the room to land wherever it may makes me a little queasy. Some of these homes must REALLY smell bad.

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