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Thursday, 05 April 2012


Why is the outer section of the baseball packed with spinach?

When I first saw the Friedman photo, I thought this was gonna be another of Ctein's essays on Puh-eer teas!

cannabis for sure.

@ fjf: It's not spinach. It's Soylent Green.

I'm a longtime golfer and sometimes even watch it on TV, and to me, the Masters is the most tedious of all the majors. That tinkly piano music has caused me turn it off more than once, and the unctuousness of the commentators is almost as bad -- especially considering Augusta National's long history of racism and sexism. The only good thing about it, IMHO, is that it comes back to the same course every year, so you can get to know it a bit. I have more thoughts on the US Open, but I'll save those until you put up another golf ball.

FJF: Popeye helps the pop fly ;-)

Opening day was last Sunday, as any angler in my part of the world knows.

That's not spinach, it's weed.

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