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Sunday, 29 April 2012


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I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to Mike for sharing these words. When I receive my print, the newspaper reader, I will print out this short letter and tuck it away within the picture frame. Perhaps, one day—after I am long gone, someone will open the frame and discover these poignant words from the photographer, Peter Turnley. Maybe then they will be inspired to research the history of these two immensely talented men and the wonderful historic process that was known as silver-gelatin printing.

I'm looking forward to meeting you in Paris in a few weeks, Peter! I'll be there from Tuesday on, so if you have the time and inclination to meet for a coffee or something before the workshop begins, be in touch -- I'd like that very much.

The letter created an almost overpowering urge to get on a plane to Paris; I have to work, alas, but I'll go in September or October. In the meantime, after reading the letter, I sat here and stared at the Google Maps photographs of the city. I stay at a small hotel on the Left Bank, a long block or two off the river, and sometimes I walk over to the Marais for bagels and cream cheese, and then on to the Picasso (when it was open -- I think it's opening again soon, I hope) or Beaubourg. I walk down the river past Notre Dame and I take that little slantwise bridge right past the brasserie Peter's talking about, though I've never stopped there. What a great city. There's nothing like it in America -- we like our streets straight. I think crooked, tangled streets have a lot to recommend them.

I am looking forward to receive my copies! Now, as somebody who still maintains and uses a b/w darkroom (mostly 4x5 and MF though), I read with interest about the time it took for printing. Three weeks for close to 500 prints (according to an earlier post by Mike) is something like 33 12x16" prints/day, not counting extras and possible rare mishaps, and of course includes all the drudgery like drying and flattening them, the signatures on the back etc. I have done 30prints/day (from 2 or 3 negs), but never 3 weeks in a row, and that did not include the flattening! That was quite an effort, and at this level of quality (I have his prints from the first sale)!

As an aside, is it a secret what paper was used for the prints?

I am so very excited!

Boy, I'd pay for a print of the image with this post!

Mike, you need a "Like Immensely" button on TOP. :) What a wonderful letter and the "fresh made this morning" photo of Peter and Voja make it even more special.

I'm tremendously excited to receive my print of Rooftops! Thank you Peter and Voja (and Mike), my print will truly be treasured.

Just got notification that my prints are winging their way to me - in Australia! Now to count the days...

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