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Friday, 06 April 2012


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I can't tell you how itchy I am to buy one of these prints (I especially like "News") but I just can't swing it right now. As much as I would love a Turnley, I look forward to Ctein's test print sale.

You'll be able to swing that, I promise you. At least if Ctein is able to come anywhere close to what he plans.


Thanks for the shout out, Mike! Made my day.

The photos we have bought through your sales really add to the school's ambience and catch the eye of many of our students, opening them to new topics in conversation in a language they are struggling to master. It's a daily reminder of the capacity of photography and art to connect and inspire.

Can't wait to see Peter's photo here, and share it with our students.

Like Adam W I am not in a position to buy one of these prints, alas. Another time, perhaps.

Mike, I'm interested to know whether the selection of the pictures for this offer took account of the degree of difficulty of printing them. For a deal like this I imagine that Voja would prefer negatives that are straightforward to print -- ones that don't need epic feats of burning and dodging. Of course I admire Voja's skill in printing (I have recently seen a big exhibition of Henri Cartier-Bresson's work. And I have done enough work in the darkroom to appreciate the skill, but never counted myself a master printer) but I know that epic feats are incidental to the quality of master works.

So, are the chosen negatives ones that produce a lovely print with a single exposure?

Maybe next time you should include the portrait of Voja as a selection. Then he would have to print a bunch of photos of himself for hours at a time!

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