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Thursday, 26 April 2012


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I'm sure I won't be the first to ask, but Mike, are you going to buy some film for your Chamonix? It's an important step in making pictures with it, after all.

What a good thing!

Hmm, I'd never considered that.


Good to see that some areas of traditional photography practice are still healthy even if it's now a "niche market".
I keep telling myself that I shot my last film in 2011 but occasional visits to Rangefinder Forum etc. threaten to undermine my resolve - please carry on film shooters.....

Gee they have 9cm x 50ft and 10in x 100ft rolls , but no 70mm type two perf?

Mike, you must buy some film. I'm pleased that Ilford have decided to include delta 100 in 5 by 7 too.

WHole plate looks to be about the perfect size - it must make a lovely contact print to pass around a room of friends.


I love that they are doing this. Part of me fears for the day that I can't run over to B&H and buy whatever stock they have. I hope this model of production and sales convince other manufacturers that film, even oddball types that appeal to few, can succeed. Then we can all learn to adjust to when certain films are "in season" and not have to live on the edge with fear that this or that product line might be killed off at a moment's notice forcing us to stock up and use it sparingly.

I'm watching a Stephen Shore artist talk on the SFMOMA website, seeing his Uncommon Places work and the 4x10 street photography he did fairly recently starts the LF itch again.

Then I look up the cost/sheet for film and developing color 8x10 and content myself with the 120 cameras I have.

Having shot Delta 400 in 8x10 in the past I wish they would make it available again as well as in 5x7. One very nice film in large sizes.

"Having shot Delta 400 in 8x10 in the past I wish they would make it available again as well as in 5x7. One very nice film in large sizes."

The answer directly from Simon Galley at Ilford:

"We do not make DELTA 400 Professional on sheet film base and we have no plans to do so, sorry."

Personally, given that view cameras are typically used on tripods, I'm going to enjoy my WP Delta 100 and not be greedy. :-)

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