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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


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Add me to Lubo's list!

Have emailed Mike S for a UK print.

Please add me to Mike S's UK list

I live in Denmark and I'm very interested in a copy. From Mike S in UK?

Hands up for Australia distribution volunteering here.

Since I know it's going to take a few days for folks to get their ducks in a row, and since these bulk orders aren't going to come out of the 1000-print limit on the US sale, I'm happy to let this remain active for several days past the close of the US sale.

That should give enough time for potential resellers to line up potential buyers.

pax / Ctein

I've emailed Lubo, as well.

Josh, I would be in for one here in Australia.

Have emailed Mike - interested.

If anyone in Australia volunteers to distribute prints, I'll put my hand up for a print.

I've emailed josh in Australia.

I'd also be happy to distribute if he can't.


I have sent an email to Lubo to put my name in for a print.

Len & Martin - drop me an email as per the comment above, or better yet:
Fill out the form at
tinyurl.com / cteinoffer
Cheers, Josh

I have emailed Mike S for a UK print.

Put me down for one in Australia Josh. Ta mate

Would it be an idea to bulk order the bulk-orders for (western) Europe? Shipping between those countries is much easier than inter-continental, And if several countries don't get to 25 by themselves, but would reach the `magic number' together, one recipient (the country with the most orders) could then send on the required amounts to the distributors in neighbouring countries for further distribution.

I've emailed Mike S. in the UK.

I'm in, and email sent.

Also, forgot to mention that if there's enough interest, I'd be willing to be the `distributor' for the Netherlands.

Hi Mike S, are you willing to send a print to Germany? If yes, I'll be happy to participate.

Have emailed MikeS for a UK print. Will definately take one if he has enough interest to go ahead.

Josh: thanks for stepping forward. Please put me on the oz list too.

I also emailed Mike for a print to Germany. Hope this works out.

Well cool. Community in action.

Also contacted Mike S. for UK

And another for the UK - email sent to Mike S.

For shipping in the Euro zone -- in general yes: but it depends on the service that you use and where you live.

For example, for me in France, if the shipper uses the service that is peered with what was the government postal service (La Poste), typically I find them excellent. Not as quick as a courier, but overall their delivery reliability is better.

Why? They know the area, so the know the guardians, the door codes, and they have a local depot where they store the parcels for up to 2 weeks in the case you are not home.


Mike, you ask about Europe - my understanding is that there would be one inbound VAT charge going into Europe and no subsequent tax within. Postage within Europe is standardised (at least from CZ) and would be a little more than within the home country. I would think this would apply to the countries of the European Free Trade Area, but I don't know beyond that.

Thanks Josh, please put me on your list for one.

Perhaps there are issues here I miss, but would it not be an option to make, for a fee, the file available so international customers could (have it) print it themselves?
I know there might be a slight difference in calibration especially since, as far as I know, a 3880 is nor factory calibrated, such as the bigger printers are.
just an idea

Have emailed Mike S. to join the UK list.

(Thank you to: Ctein; Mike; and Mike S.)

Thanks Josh, I would like one in Aus. :)

European people, has anyone been able to get an answer from UK Mike S?
So far, I have not had any luck.

Our American Mike: yeah, it's pretty simple so send a package to another European country. And it usually gets delivered in less than 7 days. Never had an issue on Eba with European guys.

The email address for Bernhard doesn't work for me. I have emailed Bernhard via his website for a copy. If there isn't enough interest for Bernhard to get set up, I would also ask Mike in the UK.

Dear Mike S.
I really appreciate all the hard work you are doing, making it possible for us Europeans to be able to enjoy the work of Ctein.
Also thanks to Ctein and TOP for providing us with this great offer.

A am sorry to hear about our loss. If possible, you could allows us to pay an extra amount, so you are able to make a donation to the MND Association.

So far, I've only had four reactions (only one of which actually in the Netherlands), so I don't think I'll reach the magic 25 in time. I've emailed those people and adviced them to contact Mike S in the UK.

@Mike: Could you remove my name from the list to avoid confusion?

Mike S.

I have emailed you twice, on Thursday and on Sunday, but I don't appear to be among the people you've replied to as I haven't receive an email from you.

Brian Windrim

"Mike S.

I have emailed you twice, on Thursday and on Sunday, but I don't appear to be among the people you've replied to as I haven't receive an email from you.

Brian Windrim"

Hi Brian

I've emailed you again - please can you check your junk folder if you don't receive it - since Tiscali took over Pipex emails sometimes seem to gett redirected. The source will be mgww... rather than Mike Shimwell.

The price is £21 per print in the UK and payment details are in the mail.

Thanks to everyone who has paid already. I'm now about to go through the emails and add you to the list.


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