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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


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Kickstarter is amazing. There must be campaigns that sink without a trace, but the ones I've been linked to by friends have all blown the doors off their goals.

I suppose, statistically, we can't be that far from the first big scandal. I hope it doesn't damage the basic model.

Happy Birthday to Harold! ;>

@David - Kickstarter does do some basic vetting of the submissions, so that ups the odds some. When the first big scandal hits, I think it's more likely to come from one of their less reputable sister sites.

More or less by coincidence, this story, raising questions about a 'failed' Kickstarter project just appeared on Slashdot last week.

(Just curious, are you the same D D-B that frequents RASFW and "More Words, Deeper Hole"? If so, this is a very small world...)

Mad ups for Jason at Panopticon! He spear headed the campaign. They have the most interesting shows there. 'Kids are people too' showed me all sorts of great photogs I haven't heard about or never seen in person. Real Weegee's Amy Stein, Sturges with the worlds best chicken photo! If you are ever in fenway park its right around the corner. Don't miss it!

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